Secret Tips for Caring For Your Celine

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  1. Check the post under mine :smile:
  2. I've read through this thread and I'm still a little confused as to what I should do to protect my smooth and drummed(pebbled) mini luggage totes. Please clarify for me if you have any answers:

    1. Do I spray/use a waterproofer for smooth and/or drummed leather? If so which waterproofer? Collonil? Other? Does it matter which one? Or does it matter if it's smooth or drummed leather?

    2. Do I use a leather conditioner? If so, which one? Apple? Obenauf? Other? Does it matter which one? Or does it depend on if it's smooth or drummed?

    3. Do I use both a waterproofer and leather conditioner? If so, when do you use each?

    Thank you!!!
  3. Thought I would share my experience using collonil leather gel.

    I used it on my smooth black micro luggage. Using a cloth, I dipped it gently into the cream and then applied it in circular motions. I then buffed it with the clean side of the cloth.

    When you first apply it and look at it in the light, you can see patches of where the cream has been more concentrated. I panicked a little, but within a minute or two, it completely dried and looked the same as before.

    I got some into the stitches though, does anyone know how to get them out? I'm not too concerned but thought someone might know!
  4. I apple prior to collonil. Apple conditions and collonil protects.
  5. hi.. :smile:
    i have a question. since i couldnt find a collonil waterstop spray on amazon, i tried to google it. but, the first link that showed up is people complaining about the side-effects of the spray that made the color of the bag looks darker. it is from the mulberry forum in this website. so, does collonil really have side-effect? :smile:
  6. Any input? Been using apple garde fro my balenciagas and never had a problem...

    Just got me a phantom ss12 "supple?" calf leather (light khaki) that feels slightly spongy/rubbery... I'm afraid the leather will absorb it in patches?! or am I just being too paranoid?

    Appreciate any feedback!
  7. Any recommendations for pre-wear leather protection for the leather on the new new khaki phantom w/blue trim? I think the leather is called 'supple calfskin' but it has a texture to it (not sure if it's similar to 'drummed'). Slightly bumpy/textured/softly pebbled...the color is on the lighter side so I'm wondering if it should be protected, but I don't want to use anything that would deepen the color. Should it be conditioned? Just sprayed? Thanks in advance!
  8. BUMP on this post. I have the same question for a royal blue phantom. The leather on the phantoms has a grain to it, so I'm worried about spraying it. I test spotted apple water repellant and it made a dot that took a while to dry (fortunately it did), but it was enough to scare me from spraying the whole bag. Colloni makes a lot of products... any suggestions for the phantom specifically?
  9. I was able to purchase Collonil wetblock / waterstop spay at a Mulberry store here in nyc -- will report back after I test it on my phantom. In the meantime, any suggestions from others would be most welcome!

  10. I bought the same spray from Mulberry, as well as the scratch cream, and the spray worked well and didn't spot.
  11. Hurray--terrific that we both got the same product (and that you think it works well for what we have). I need to fully spray my phantom so I can finally take her out! I was told the cream is excellent. Will have to track that down as well.
  12. I've previously used collonil spray on my supple leather phantom, and it worked well, no spotting except for where I sprayed too much and left a giant drop of liquid.
  13. Hi there, what scratch cream did you get? I wanted to get a cream for scratches on box calf leather. TPFers love the Cadillac lotion but I can't get it here in Australia.
  14. Did the giant liquid spot dry back to normal/ok?

  15. Hmm it just looks like hard water drying on glasses, you can see the marks? But they come off when I wipe them with wet wipes