Secret Tips for Caring For Your Celine

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  1. i have a teeny tiny dot of sharpie marker on my drummed mini... do you think that the chanel makeup eye remover would work on this?
  2. Chanel Make up remover? wow - thanks for sharing

  3. did you use anything on your pink bag before using?
    i'm not sure which product to buy!!
  4. no i did not, i don't really wear jeans so i wasn't really worried about denim transfer as others have mentioned.
  5. ok great!! i'll make i'll wear dresses or leggings with the celine!! Thank u!!
  6. Can anyone help me? I found a stain on my new camel phantom after carrying out for a week and I have no idea what it is. Obviously looks like some liquid. Can I deal with this myself or should I get this professionally cleaned. TIA!

  7. Hi charmystique. oh no! :sad: sorry your bag has a stain! Is it just a stain or is there some dried substance there?

    I have the same bag, and when I got a massive water stain in mine it came out when I gently cleaned it with a damp sponge, though it took a while. But if your bag is treated with a waterproof coating this might change things.
  8. Yes I got my bag treated with a waterproof protective covering before at Colorwash. I tried using my water based makeup remover which streaked badly. Then panicked and desperately tried to dampen it and dab the water out. It's a lot better now. But there seems to be a dark mark. I hope it will disappear as the bag ages. Or else I'll just send it to be professionally cleaned and then hope it'll come back like new.
  9. Hi Dreamlet!

    Thanks for authenticating the red celine mini for me in the other thread!

    so it looks like you have the exact same bag which is the smooth red lipstick. the one i will be getting seems to have a few dark stains on the curves and on the base... can i ask what you did exactly step by step to keep yours clean? and how would you recommend removing the dark stains? THANK YOU!

  10. The only things I have used on my lipstick red mini are a white eraser and leather conditioner. The eraser was the first thing I tried when I had some denim transfer when the bag was pretty new. It totally worked, but there was a little red color on the eraser (though no color change in the bag) after I was done. Then I started using Bick4 leather conditioner, which I already had on hand and use regularly on my bags and shoes.

    A little wipe down with some leather conditioner after use whenever I notice dirt or denim really does the trick. I don't know about set in stains, but would suggest you try a basic conditioning of the bag first. I hope that helps!
  11. I just bought some Bick4 to protect my smooth black leather mini luggage. How do you apply it? Thank you!
  12. I put a small amount of Bick4 on a lint free cloth and gently rub it into the leather, one section of the bag at a time. I have never had any color darkening, but always test a small patch first. It's pretty fool-proof!
  13. Thanks dreamlet!
  14. recently my fluo pink luggage had a denim color transfer on i tried my Lancome Bi-facil make up remover and it worked!Now I'm thinking of sending my bag to Bagspa or color wash for waterproofing.

  15. Aaliyah--make sure you ask whether or not the waterproofing done at the spa will change the appearance of the bag. I have heard it can make it look shiny or glazed.

    I believe Colonil makes a gel you can use to waterproof yo9ur bag, and so does a company called DRYO.