Secret Tips for Caring For Your Celine

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  1. I just bought a Large Box from nordies, and the SA used La mer on it to buff out some scratches (I still asked for a discount--and got it!--due to the scratches) and he does this regularly on many different handbags. So, when it arrives I can tell you firsthand how it looks. La mer is white/clear, so I wouldn't think it would transfer or leave a residue. It was developed by NASA (for real) so it isn't just an oily moisturizer.

    I plan to try it and will let you know. If you don't want to buy it usually you can get a healthy sample at Nordies or Neimans.

    Wish we had that here in the States!

    I had a similar stain and the Chanel Eye Make-up remover worked wonders on it! It was a Cream Micro and the stain was green!!! But somethiung like Brick4, as dreamlet recommended, may be more widely-known.
  2. Yes, please do post pics!
  3. Great, thanks! Buying it now.
  4. Will do! I asked for a sample of La Mer so I can do a demo. I will see if I can post before and after pics of using it on part of the bag.
  5. gchandler, have you tried the baby wipes on your phantom leather? How has it held up since then?
  6. Hey everyone! I use collonil on my mulberry bags, however I haven't done ANYTHING to my Celines. I was wandering, should I waterproof them with collonil first or condition them with either apple or bick4 before I waterproof them?

    Wonderful thread!!
  7. Hey I got this brand that I post will post with!!! My SA told me about this brand and she say she use on all the bag even on my leopard luggage! Its a stain n rain protector! For what she state, the spray will not change the colour of the bag and yet can protect the bag well! I purchase one of those from her too!!! Is Around $20!!! After trying on all the bag I have eg, black croc phantom, leopard luggage, and miu miu bowl bag( both light colour ) what the SA say us true! No colour change at all! I am planing to buy second bottle to stock it up!

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  8. I sprayed half a can of Collonil over a tri coloured mini luggage, and it looks fine, no colour change. But when i tried to buff it with a soft cloth (as suggested the can), it started looking a little streaky....maybe my cloth wasn't soft enough! :lol:
  9. has anyone tried using apple guard condition/rain and stain on the new drummed leather? i would assume it would be fine but i just wanted to be sure....
  10. Any tips for spot cleaning the faux suede lining on the pebbled mini?
  11. How do you get rid of a water mark on the Box?

    I have had an awful day today. My DH accidentally dropped some water on my box and its been 6 hours now but still has some water mark. I don`t usually use any conditioner on any of my bags because I like the way the bags are but......this is my very first time that my precious bag got some water mark. If anyone could give me any tips for it would be wonderful!
  12. I have used the Blackrocks and Obenauf treatment as recommended by docride on the Hermes forum to treat Hermes box leather before successfully. The treatment effectively waterproofs the box leather so that small droplets of water just bead off the box leather rather than blistering the skin. I would try buffing your bag with a little black rocks to see if it helps with the watermark before doing the treatment. This thread is a god send.
  13. Syma, Thank you so much for the great info, the water mark is still there and I was about to give up and then got this post , thank you:flowers: It sounds that the products really work on the box leather so I will get the product asap !