Secret Tips for Caring For Your Celine

  1. thank you for your help they are not really visible unless you look really closely so i don't think it will be an issue. i just wasn't sure if it's a inferior bag
  2. My black luggage has that streaky appearance to it in one spot, and I've seen other luggages with similar issues. I used Apple conditioner and it helped slightly, but they're still there. I've learned to not be obsessed with it though because I love the bag so much.
  3. Thanks everyone :smile:
    Has anyone tried this cream from Collonil?
  4. Can I know how to care for a new Celine bag? For waterproofing, moisturizing or both? Need help ladies!! And do we always store it in the dustbag when not in use or good for airing it outside sometimes? Please advise!
  5. Do you all use the apple care moisturizer on new Celine bags before you use them? Does it soften up the leather very much?
  6. Which bag? The leather is different on different styles of bags, so you will probably get a better response if you tell us what bag you are trying to care for.

    As for storage, I always store a bag in it's dustbag when not in use.
  7. Hello co-Celine lovers!
    Am new here at tpf, this thread makes me curious on how to take care of the suede lining for my month-old envelope luggage, any recommendations? thanks!
  8. hi everyone!

    im new here too... getting my first celine luggage tote in camel and wanna know where to get the Apple Leather Care in Singapore??

    i wanna start learnin how to taking care for my bag.. :peace:
  9. Hmm I got my Celine in black smooth micro luggage...

  10. Hello girls, I need your help! Some girl on the bus left a mark with her black pen on my lovely Celine cabas tote (!!!). The leather is very soft and gentle so I'm hopeless I don't know how to wash it or if it's even possible to do so. I was recommended to use a nail varnish remover but obviously I hesitate to do this, because I fear it will bleach the leather. Anyone ever had similiar situation? I have no idea what to do.
  11. I use Bick4 conditioner to freshen up an condition my luggage bags. I have never used them myself, but I believe if you do a search there is a thread somewhere about apple products on Celine.
  12. THANKS! How does the bick4 work on your luggage totes? Does it soften them up and make them lose their shape at all?
  13. Where can I get bick4? I'm from Singapore by the way.. Not sure if I can get it anywhere though..

  14. Do you know if it's only Chanel eye makeup remover that works or any eye makeup remover will work?

    I have some very slight spots on my mini, almost looks like a sparkly eyeshadow smudge. I tried baby wipes, but it didn't work (but maybe it's because I used sensitive baby wipes without alcohol? I was just scared to use ones with alcohol in case it dried out the leather).
  15. Don't blame you for being cautious, especially with baby wipes. I am unsure if any baby wipes contain actual alcohol, as that would irritate baby skin, but using ones for sensitive skin should work unless they are very dry. I have seen the Chanel Eye make-up remover work, but I do not know the ingredients in the formula. Otherwise I could help you in figuring out if any brand would work, and on any stain. if it were me, I would take the bag to a dept store who carries the Chanel brand and just ask for a sample and use it right there!

    Maybe you could call the cosmetics dept of a store and ask for the ingredients of the Chanel brand, and see if you own any that is similar. In this case, the investment in the Chanel remover may be worth it if it works, and if not, return it.

    Good luck!