Secret Tips for Caring For Your Celine

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  1. how do you guys clean your drummed and smooth leather celines and how often? Thank you!
  2. Hi i know this is an year old post but i just wonder if your bag inside leather lining is flat when you first bought it? Mine in bulging just under where the two open pockets. It is like it not totally glued to the bag im worried coz the other side where there is zipper pocket the bottom of it is flat and neat but the other side its bulging.
  3. I usually clean it maybe 2-4 times a year depending on usage. The leather can be over-cleaned and conditioned. In terms of how, I use my saphir cream or collonil cleaner...I find them to be best...use it on my hermes and chanel with no issues whatsoever. This is the Saphir I use and Collonil
  4. Thanks so much for the information. I'm also planning to buy the red box bag calf leather. At least I know I can Use these products to lessen the scratches.
  5. A few scratches on my new mini luggage! :sad: Should I use anything to get these out? Does anyone have any suggestions for this smooth leather? Thanks!

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  6. Hi, does anyone know where I can Cadillac, or Apple Leather Care in the UK? I have awful crackerling in the leather of my Celine :sad:
  7. Hi everyone, I just purchased my first classic Box, and am not clear on what I should use to treat and waterproof it before first use? I've read the Blackrock + Obenauf recommendations in this thread, but I can't seem to find the full names of the products. Blackrock what? And Obenauf what? Also, are these better than Apple Care and Collonil for the classic Box leather? I've been using Apple and Collonil on all my bags and have no complaints so far, but want to use the best products possible for my new baby :smile:. Thanks!
  8. Hello guys!! I am new to this forum and I just decided on my first branded bag to be Celine! I just got it 2 weeks back from Paris and would like to know what are the leather care that I can get in Singapore before I use my bag cos the Colour I chose is quite 'vulnerable'! Would very much appreciate any replies!!

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  9. I use Apple Leather Care Conditioner on my Celine bags. the Apple Leather Care Cleaner works too, provided you use a tiny dab at a time to get the stain out (and i should know because i accidentally got rojak sauce on it while out and about in a hawker centre :smile: i got the leather care product from

    having said that i have never tried the products on white leather so you might want to ask around before putting it on your bag.....
  10. Hi everyone,

    I just had my Micro sent for spa recently and when I received it, the cleaning specialist told me that some mildew grew on the suede part. :sad: Does anyone know how to clean or remove the stain?

    Thanks in advance!

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  11. Hello,

    I have a medium grained calfskin cabas with belt. What products do you use? The normal products e.g. colloni, mentioned in this forum for other leathers okay?

    Thanks in advance!
  12. Hi there, i was wondering if you could help me out as i' pretty new to taking care of my bags. I see lots of different brands carrying products that works. But i'm interested in products for celine in smooth leather and givenchy in smooth leather. Which products would be best?
  13. Hi guys,

    Last week I got my dream bag, Celine Trapeze from 2012 Collection. It's second hand but still look nice in pretty great condition, some scratch on the back, the base, and the hardware. Here's the picture of the bag that I god (picture credit from Yoogi not my own bag)

    I have a few questions for caring guide to ask since I'm very new to Celine:
    - What kind of product should I use to moisturise/condition the back, base, and the croc flap? I saw most people use collonil. Will it help reduce the scratch on the surface?
    - What are these 3 parts of the bag made of? Are they all calf?
    - For the back and the base, is it smooth leather type.
    - For the bag wing, is it suede or nubuck? I have difficulties in distinguishing these 2 kinds of materials but I have read that suede and nubuck require different way of caring.
    - Does the wing, whether it's suede or nubuck, need to be conditioned as well?

    Sorry if it's the same old question

    Any tips to prolong its life will be very useful to me.
    Thank you in advance.

  14. Folks, would someone be so kind as to post pictures of the care products they use? Colonial, apple, Cadillac, etc.

    A search on google or amazon reveal many products and don’t know which is the one I should get. I’ll be using these for my Céline, Chanel, and YSL bags.

  15. I accidentally brushed my light grey Celine Cabas (small, grained calfskin) with a black ink pen today, leaving a black ink streak on the bag. Happy to say that there is no ink smudge/mark at all on the bag now after using Apple Leather Cleaner. So if anyone out there accidentally marks their bag, use Apple Leather Cleaner, it works! :smile: