Secret Tips for Caring For Your Celine

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  2. Hello everyone,
    I just purchased my first Celine handbag. I got a tricolored Mini Luggage in black, white, and camel made of smooth calfskin. I absolutely love the bag! However, the leather is lacking the nice shine that smooth calfskin Celine handbags have. When doing some research before I bought it...all the pictures of this particular bag that I found online, had a nice shine. My bag is from 2011 and I purchased it new with tags (the buyer never ended up using it). Below, I have attached a picture of the same bag online(left) and my bag(right), and you can see that my bags leather, looks matte, compared to the one online. Does anyone know if some bags just come like that or if maybe with time the leather has lost its luster? On a side note... I got the bag authenticated.
    Also, does anyone know of anything I can treat the leather with to get more shine? I have already treated it with the Colonil luxury creme and with the water block spray. I got a little bit of shine from the spray but not even close to the shine on all the other Celine bags I see. Any advice will help!

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  3. I truly think it is a lighting issue. I say this because I photograph bags and lots of other things and in the left hand photo they are shooting it with an external flash coming from the left whereas in the right it is shot with a weaker flash such as onboard camera flash or phone as evidenced by the halo in the picture on the bag. The external flash create a soft glow or shine so to speak and I think that is what you're seeing. I use the Apple cream on mine and it does make a nice shine but not shiny as in the left hand photo. It just seems to give the leather back some "glow". You might try that. I can also see in the hardware that the camera has given it a glow - left vs. right. It's brass hardware I think and it really glows due to the flash. Hope this helps.
  4. Thank you!
  5. I get a lot of the products brand specific, or I used to anyway, as I see she has branched out but they have truly worked on specific problems for me. The woman is Barbara at I used her LV product to keep the vachetta looking new and not pick up oils and it works great. She does do stain removal but also sells products for it. Try looking into that. I have never been disappointed with a purchase yet. Granted it is not cheap but they work quite well.
  6. I just looked and she alive and well and has a lot of nice products! She has a stain guard that might do the trick. It's almost best to write her at to maybe explain the situation and include photos and she can advise you on what to us. That's what I would suggest - good luck!
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  7. hello guys! is it safe to use to colonil waterstop at celine mini luggage pebbled leather and what leather moisturizer will you recommend and how often I should condition my bags? Thank you!
  8. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1451410116.911787.jpg

    Can you please help me remove the awful black discoloration from my micro luggage: (
    Due to wearing against black outfit
  9. I have the same bag which I purchased from the Celine boutique and the leather is matte, not at all "shiny" :smile:
  10. Just wanna share my box bag horror story and my attempt to rescue. Today it's probably the 4th time I have used my red box bag. I've been very careful with the bag and actually thought that the box leather is not as delicate as everyone has told me....that is, until this morning when the zipper of my own thick coat left a scratch mark on the front flap as I leaned forward pressing against the bag which was on my lap while I was in hubby's car (I didn't zip up my coat...lesson learned I'll never wear zipper coat/jacket while using my box bag)! The scratch was about 1.5-2 inches long. I wouldn't say it was super deep but definitely deeper than the regular surface scratches....

    When I got home, I first put very very small amount/thin layer of Balenciaga nourishing cream onto the scratch itself. I discovered that the Balenciaga cream works quite well to remove scratches on smooth leather when I tried to buff off a scratch on hubby's Paul Smith wallet. So while I normally use Cadillac leather cream on pretty much all my bags, I know that the Cadillac cream might not be enough since this scratch is a bit deeper than the regular surface scratches. After I put the Balenciaga nourishing cream directly onto the scratch mark, I buff it with the cloth that comes with the Balenciaga cream. Once I finished with this "more targeted treatment", I then condition the entire flap with the Cadillac cream, I then repeated with the Balenciaga cream specifically onto the mark again. I probably repeated these two steps alternating with these two products for about 3-4 times, now the scratch is definitely less obvious and neither cream changed the color or finish of the leather. While I know I probably won't be able to restore it back to how it was when it was completely scratch-free, at least it is now much less obvious and I'm happy with the result. Sorry I didn't take any before/after pics. Also, since I read so many good reviews on Blackrock for box leather, I plan to order one and try that as well. I think I'll keep working on this scratch mark from time to time so that it will blend in even more.
  11. Should I pre-treat my black lambskin cabas tote? Or let her be naked :smile:
  12. Hi everyone! I just got a celine belt bag (red) and it seemed like it would stain pretty easily. I am looking at some sort of guard spray, i read up this thread and there are a few eg apple guard, colonil or vectra. I'm wondering if any of you guys here has tried waterproofing their belt bag particularly the pebbled/ grainy version? Im leaning towards apple guard since that seems to be more commonly used but then i read a fellow member here had brown spots appeared on her blue luggage after so i am a bit wary. Anyone has any experience with their belt bag? Thank you!!
  13. I'm not sure if this is right place to post this, but I'm desperate for some help. I was cleaning a stain off my Celine this morning and just grabbed a hand sanitizer since I wasn't near any water, and low and behold, it has taken off some of the dye. I know, this is stupid on my end and I feel so bad now.

    Do you think it's fixable? Should I take it to a leather cleaner or is there any home remedies? Any help would be appreciated!!

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  14. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1464319979.518939.jpg

    I know this product has been mentioned a few times but I just wanted to reiterate again that the sales person at Celine told me that this is what they use to clean their bags. I took a photo of the bottle at their store.

  15. Check if Blackrock make this colour. If they do, you can sort of condition and dye the spot on your bag by applying it.