Scarves Scarf Ring Thread

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  1. People seem to introduce scarf ring questions on many threads. I have renamed this thread in the hope that all those questions, answers, new acquisitions and chat about scarf rings can go here.

    Scarf ring wanters and wearers please feel free to contribute.

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  2. #61 Oct 15, 2019
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2019
    I have the Hermes Bolduc Scarf ring in permabrass. It is a beautiful piece and perfect for the 90cm carre. Very smooth and it is designed with great detail. There is no chance my scarves will snag on this ring. The detailing is that of the Hermes ribbon used in packaging. I love the fact that it has a little weight to it, as it helps control my scarf in windy weather. Permabrass is a light gold tone and not as bright as the gold hardware on the bags. It is my favorite Hermes bag hardware metal. You should go in and try a few rings out. My next scarf ring purchase will be the Trio GM for use with my 90cm carres as well as cashmere silk shawls.
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  3. I have an H scarf ring and no pulls. Maybe go in and touch them you can see for yourself that they are very smooth! Otherwise like you said, Maitai for the win!
  4. Something different. This is one of my heaviest scarf rings, made from the handle of a silver spoon. I use it with 90s and 140s. It's about equivalent to a size 10 finger ring, and the double coil means that it really stays put all day.
  5. It's very nice but we must stick to Hermes scarf rings on this thread, TY
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  6. You'd be better off asking in the Wardrobe > accessories forum. Only H on here please
  7. I like this handle and that hook end that further secures the scarf!..clever!:flowers:

    Erm...separate note. I am Puzzled about this thread being only about H scarf rings...(my brain is fried) Is there another thread showing how to tie with scarf rings? Many people posted about MaiTai rings. I just reread this thread and This thread does mention MaiTai rings:confused1:
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  8. Apologies, pt. Perhaps you could assist to delete the post.
  9. Hello scarfies,

    I'm planning to get my first scarf ring -- most likely a Chaine d'Ancre in permabrass and/or a horn one from elsewhere because it looks to be simple enough to use.

    I'm also eyeing the Trio and Odyssee scarf rings but I'm not sure what size I would go for. I have a few silk 90s and one CSGM 140. I probably won't be able to visit a physical store anytime soon so I was wondering if anyone here with either the Trio or Odyssee who can comment what size scarves they can hold.

    Will the larger version Trio and Odyssee be able to hold 90s? Will the smaller versions fit CSGMs? Should I get the smaller versions if I want to wear them with 90s? Ideally I'd like to be able to get 1 size scarf ring for both 90s and CSGMs so I'm leaning towards the larger size. But of course, I don't want them to fall off if they're too big. :lol:
  10. That is a great way to style a twilly and mors ring!
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