Scarves Scarf Ring Thread

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  1. People seem to introduce scarf ring questions on many threads. I have renamed this thread in the hope that all those questions, answers, new acquisitions and chat about scarf rings can go here.

    Scarf ring wanters and wearers please feel free to contribute.

    This notice will only be stacked temporarily
  2. Hello!

    Which scarf ring might be a good starting point?
    Would you choose palladium (silver) or "gold"?

    my growing collection includes:

    90 x90:
    • Cheval fusion (turquoise/grey) – screams palladium!
    • Electrique (orange, purple, blue, white) - I would fancy a golden ring
    • H vintage scarf in red/gold/black/white with a classic caleche motive. Speaks gold, what else!
    • floral motive by Chanel in blue, ivory and gold
    • arabesque motive by Dior in dark red and gold
    45 x 45
    • Balade en Berline (red, blue, green)
    • plus no-name (orange-green-lightblue)

    Does the Régate hold on to a gavroche?
    Is it big enough to hold a carré?
    The Régate looks quite fragmented, not sure, how well it would go along with a "loose" design such as "Cheval Fusion".

    Which metal colour is the more versatile? Gold or Palladium? Which one speaks Hermès?
    Looking at my collection listed above, the decision seems clear: Gold.


    pics: Régate

    Attached Files:

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    Good question but it's a bit like asking which bag would suit you?

    It all depends on you

    Where about on your body do you most wear your scarves? If you wear them as belts or bracelets perhaps get a flat ring like a CdA, Mors filet (or use a Gamma belt buckle)

    Which scarf ring do you like the look of? If it's the Régate, that's a good place to start

    Also the scarf ring doesn't have to match the scarf, perhaps think about the jewellery colour you most wear?

    45 may be too small to be used with normal sized rings, someone else can fill you in on this

    It doesn't have to be pal or gold, some are pal & gold, others enamel (though there is a small metal rim around) or even horn (pre-loved).

    For example, I have 6:
    2 x 2 each in pal and gold variations
    I enamel
    1 flat Chaîne d'Ancre that's gold one side and pal the other (also looks good as a pendant on a Barenia cord)

    Most of mine are not typical, single loop as they're a bit 'straight' for me, the trio too ('though some people make them look wonderful). I prefer the Mors fillet (which comes in pal, gold, and pal/gold`) some say they're tricky I think they're amazing. The enamel was an exception, a single loop but very striking (irresistible). A gorgeous one I don't have is the rounded Chaîne d'Ancre, only because they seemed heavy.

    Please ring ahead and see if your H store has a selection and if so, go and try first
  4. I started my collection with a PHW bolduc, which I use on my 90s around my neck and as a belt, then added a gold rounded Chaine d'Ancre for shawls - have not used that yet, but....
    don't laugh, but I re-purposed a couple of CdA shaped buckles from a pair of old Prada mules - they are small enough to use on my 90's and are usually not visible depending on the knot. I like using scarf rings, even if they are hidden, as they make a neater, less bulky knot than just the scarf fabric.
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    May I ask you you use scarf rings now?
    I'm asking because I have a rather large number of scarf rings, but I find I hardly use them. I feel they make the scarf look too "studied" and somehow give me an older look. There are many pictures in this forum who demonstrate that scarf rings can be elegant, beautiful, relaxed and youthful, but I really think that it depends on the person.

    So, if you do not have a scarf ring yet, I suggest trying to use one and see if you like it. A small buckle, or a man's ring, would do, as long as they are smooth. If you do like wearing them, then go for Hermes' scarf rings. At that point you will also know what color and model suits you best.
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  6. I have the Trio GM, which is the perfect size for silk 90s. I love it! I chose gold-toned because all of my jewelry is yellow gold.
  7. So much intel! :smile:
    "straight" - I can relate, Trio seems "straight" on the modelling shots, in my eyes.

    I did not fall in love with Régate at first sight but the more I look at other options, the more versatile and practical Régate seems.
    Weight is an issue.

    Unfortunately the local store has only a very limited variety. By this they sell fast (everything is gone fastm they never know when and what will come from Paris, that's what they keep telling me).
    Online the variety is much bigger. I might bring my own scarves to the store when I try Régate and Châine d'ancre.

    The point about matching the jewellery, not the scarf is something I would not have thought of. Good point

    Thank you for taking your time and sharing your experiences.
    Congratulations, your collection must be fun.
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  8. Excellent advise, thank you!
    I would love to find a pre-loved scarf ring in a 2nd hand store, anything as long as it's smoth for the beginning.

    The dirndl-scarf ring looks too weird in my eyes for this purpose. :cool:
    Still, a good plan.
  9. Hello @smallfry ! Is the Trio GM the only scarf ring you own?
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  10. Hi lovely, yes just the one. If I wore white gold jewelry, I'd likely pick up another Trio in palladium :smile:
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  13. I wasn't wearing my scarves and decided to buy a scarf ring to help.

    The first one I bought was Chaine d'Ancre in silver. It's easy to use and looks good but is heavy compared to the rest.
    The next one was Regate in gold, then Bolduc in silver. Both are very easy to use.
    Then I bought a Mors which I don't use very often. The Trio then caught my eye, followed by Charms Cadenas and my most recent one, Eperons.

    Really all you need as suggested above is a large hand ring, fold the scarf in the bias fold, put it around your neck, one end goes through the ring and the other end goes through in the opposite direction. See if that works for you before buying a scarf ring.

    L to R:
    CdA, Charms Cadenas, Eperons, Mors, Regate and Trio

    scarf rings.JPG
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  14. I tried the cadenas ring and the clanging so close to my ear drove me a bit crazy so I passed. Do you find that to be the case, or was I just super picky that day?
  15. This great! Looks like a possible future collection.
    Almost everone keeps saying that the CdA is heavy, too heavy.
    I wonder if Hermès listens to the customers. Would love to see CdA in mother of pearl!

    Thank you very much for your review. :happydance:
  16. The clanging bugs me too. I turn it inwards, into my shirt so it doesn't move around.
    I bought it second hand and didn't try before I bought.