Scarves Scarf Ring Thread

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  1. People seem to introduce scarf ring questions on many threads. I have renamed this thread in the hope that all those questions, answers, new acquisitions and chat about scarf rings can go here.

    Scarf ring wanters and wearers please feel free to contribute.

    This notice will only be stacked temporarily
  2. Thank you for the tips:love::love:
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  3. Last night I played around with Mors ring , and resulted to this cute twilly headband.

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  4. @tlamdang08 - the morse is a jewelry with the twilly round your head. Lovely!
    You inspired me to play with my morse scarf ring! I used mine to make a cowboy knot variation with Instructions sur l'art et la manière de nouer et porter vorte carré Hermès. This way the scarf stays perfectly in place!
    Instructions Morse text 640.jpg
  5. Ăwhhh , Thank you for showing us a other way too. :love::love:. Love it!!!:hugs:
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  6. just bought my first hermes! It is en route from Paris via a friend. Now I’m on a hunt for a scarf ring. Before I commit, I’m thinking about buying a non brand one to play with. Anyone has recommendation? I’m looking for similar design as trio ring so I can wear like this in pic although the pic is not what I bought. Btw I got 140cm silk.

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  7. Well, on this thread's recommendations, and my own design inclinations, I ordered a gold Hermes scarf ring in Regate style. So excited to get it. I have had my eye on this one for awhile now! But I am also looking at the MaiTai dark mother of pearl scarf rings. What size would you recommend? Small, medium or large? In looking at MaiTai's online site it looks as though the grande or large would have the most possibilities for tying options, probably the small one would be the least possibilities of tying options. I’m a little confused! Most of my scarves are artist designed hand painted lightweight & silk. Not heavy weight at all. Could anyone recommend a good size for a first purchase?
  8. I have one each of her small and medium (in MoP and horn). I tend to use the medium for 90s and the small for 45s, as I assume intended. However, if I just want to pull one corner of a 90 through each hole and let the tails hang, the small holds more securely. And if I am scurrying around late for work and can only find a small, I can pull one end of a 90 through both holes, pull it into a loop, push the other end through, and tighten the first end, thus getting the normal effect I would use a medium for.

    Especially since your scarves are lightweight, a small could be fine for you. It won't give you the visual weight of a medium, and I'd really recommend both at some point, but it should work fine!

    (And I really like how lightweight her rings are - ties really change when you're working around a very heavy ring.)
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  9. Interesting - I have never tried her MM size on a 90, but I will now! I use her large size on 90s and her medium size on 70s. Her rings are great! I also use a variety of H rings, particularly the enamel or colored ones. Though many dislike the weight, I like it as it keeps my scarves from blowing up and “kissing” me!
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  10. Oh no! I actually went through my order and had ordered the medium and large! So, I'll edit the above.

    I definitely like the option of a heavier ring, too! I just think maybe starting out it may require more coordination than a lighter one!
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  11. I'm sorry - it's too late to edit my post from yesterday.

    I have the MaiTai MEDIUM and LARGE rings and use them as I described using the small and medium. Mea culpa!!!
  12. Thanks for clarifying. No worries. You were so kind to edit your post. I am still deciding on the sizes, thanks to you & Luvbolide, I have pretty much decided on a medium size dark MOP for my first order. Toying with the idea of a large in another color or material. I really appreciate your
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  13. Opps! Hit the wrong key!
    I meant to say I appreciate your ideas about the sizes, it has been very helpful!
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  14. I have MaiTai scarf rings in all sizes: horn in small, medium, large and shawl; mother of pearl in large; and an anneau infinity. I don’t have any 70s, so I tend to wear my large sized scarf rings with my 90s, and sometimes the shawl ring with the 90s too. I find the large rings are the most used.

    Hope that helps!
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  15. Have any of you had any experiences with scarf rings causing pulls in your scarves?

    I've been considering buying a scarf ring to wear with my (gasp!) vintage Ferragamo silk scarves which are similar to Hermes' ones in weight. But I'm worried about it causing pulls.

    Because of the pulls concern I've been considering buying a Hermes scarf ring (because surely they don't have any interior rough edges, right?). After reading this thread I'll probably buy a MaiTai one first to give rings a try. But I would appreciate any insight.
  16. Don't buy cheap scarf rings, especially those made of metal. Many of them have rough edges. I once stopped by a booth in a department store because they were selling scarf rings. Every scarf had long runs in it. The sales person tried to convince me that this was a desired result of this "exclusive" brand of scarf ring :shocked:

    If you repurpose other jewellery like finger rings, be careful of sharp bits and prongs if the rings have embedded stones.

    Mai Tai scarf rings are a very safe bet and lovely to use.