Scarves Scarf Ring Thread

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  1. People seem to introduce scarf ring questions on many threads. I have renamed this thread in the hope that all those questions, answers, new acquisitions and chat about scarf rings can go here.

    Scarf ring wanters and wearers please feel free to contribute.

    This notice will only be stacked temporarily
  2. I have the regate and it's my only H scarf ring. It just encapsulates H to me and it sounds crazy but I haven't felt the need to buy another H scarf ring since.

    What I do collect is Mai Tai's scarf rings. Her original version made in horn and now available in laquer as well as her newer style the anneu infinity.
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  3. A simple yet useful advice!
    This morning I have been playing around with scarves and a ring and I am almost certain that the Châine d'ancre will be too heavy for me.
    Everyrhing above 20gr feels very heavy. The lighter the better.

    If I order the Régate, I will make sure to ask the Hermès service team via email how much it weights.
  4. Not crazy at all! Régate is obviously very versatile.
    Is yours gold or silver?

    I am leaning towards the "Grande anneau" from MaiTai, because I can't find a scarf ring as lightweight at Hermès. Sorry, H. :noworry:
    She has provided such excellent advice, putting the effort in all the videos, I'll happily support her, too.

    The Hermès videos are a big disappointment,. They show the same know over and over with the same scarf.
    Why can't they be more generous, produce new videos twice a year with the new designs and demonstrate different knots/folding techniques.
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  5. My first scarf ring was a square one. I have NO idea what the name is but it's basically the H ribbon in a square. Funny thing is my dad got me one and I completely forgot about it. Many years after I am at the H store in CDG as an H newbie and I get the same ring!!! so I ended up with two...
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  6. Ah, that must be the Bolduc. (in theory I know every H scarf ring by now :smartass: and even translated the french names, so I know what they actually mean)
    bolduc stands for ribbon.
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  7. that's the one!!!!!
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  8. mine is silver

    yes, one of the reasons I'm such a huge Mai Tai fan is that her video tutorials are comprehensive and she is such a lovely person to shop with
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  9. I also collect Mai Tai's scarf rings and love them. You will find her Dark Mother of Pearl classique rings very useful. I have them in Grande and Moyenne sizes.
    DMoP are chameleon-like rings that suit virtually every color. Sides are of slightly different shades also. You can choose dark or light side based on scarf 's design.
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  10. Yes! That's one of my favourites too! Gets lots of use.... Must get the Grande size with my next order.....
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  11. Hello!

    I'm back with a Régate in permabrass, pre-loved (the new one was not available on my country). The ring brings me happiness, it is so much fun, wearing a scarf with a scarf ring.

    Now I wonder, if the inner ring of your Régate has quite sharp edges?
    The sharpness seems to prevent the ring from slipping of the scarf, but I expected the ring to be much smoother, smooth like on the outside.
    On the first photo I see a "rim", approx. 45° angle.

    Could those of you, who own a metal Régate, check the ring on the inside, slide over the surface/edge of the "inner ring" with your finger and tell me ifyou notice a certain "sharpness"?

    The reason why I am asking is because I don't want to damage my scarves.


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    I agree! Actually, their old site was so much better! They would show the item open, then folded/bunched up, then worn! It was really easy to figure out if it was what you were looking for! But I guess they don't care anymore since they know people will buy their products anyway no matter what...?

    PS: I love Maitai, I think she has incredible style and I am thinking of acquiring some rings form her as well!
  13. No one here with intel on the sharpness of the Régate ring?
    Ladies, Gents, please ... help!
    Thank you :flowers:
  14. lovely bag - I own a goldplated Régate scarf ring that I bought in 2006 and used a lot then. I have not noticed any sharpness.
  15. Thank you, @Holsby
    I think I will visit the boutique.
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  16. You should be fine. I have a couple and have never had any problems. Also gave one to my mum who has challenges now and she has had no problems.

    Can you post a pic incase there has been an aftermarket alteration?