Scarves Scarf Ring Thread

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  1. I have a question for all you lovely Hermes scarf ladies that share my love of scarves: I am considering purchasing a scarf ring from the Hermès online site. Which do you prefer and why? I have mainly light weight chiffon and silk artist hand-painted scarves, mostly longer sizes. Sadly, no Hermès as yet. No stores near me. Hoping to see them in person and to try on before pulling out my wallet because you all have inspired me!
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  2. My first two Hermes scarf rings are the bolduc (square ribbon design) in paladium hardware and the round regate gold one (it looks like a chain). I wanted something to thread the tails through...something simple. I later got the chain d'anchre design (looks like a big chain link) to try other ties: criss cross and half bow. I have one in paladium and one in horn. MaiTai collection has several in beautiful horn, lacquer, and mother of pearl. I have quite a collection of those! (You can still style your scarf in a half bow without needing to use a ring.) The mors was the next one. I needed to practice using this one, but it is easy to use when you get the hang of it. I like this one, too, because it looks like a piece of jewelry is incorporated into the use of the scarf. To be honest, you should start with something simple, and if you like using scarf rings, progress to other designs. My next wish is the trio ring. (That would also be a good first to try. It looks like you can do several different ties with it.) Hope this helps! Sorry to be off topic.
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  3. I have a few scarf ring that fits in your needs. I love them all.
    Good to be as a center piece, excellent holder for thin scarf and not draw too much attention. You can consider the Mors scarf ring in Small version too. I am waiting on that one but I have a large version which I find it is very versatile ( can be a belt face too)
    Good luck and have fun with your decisions.:drinks::hugs:
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  4. Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but just thought of it when looking at the buldoc scarf ring I’m contemplating to get...

    How does one secure the scarf ring so it doesn’t fall off? I’m looking to pull the scarf ends simply through the single holed scarf ring, but worried gravity will pull the ring down and it’ll fall off. Is there a trick to keeping it locked in place without the bulk of adding a knot? I haven’t found anything online about securing it in place. Thanks!
  5. @Noveltwist , I am not an expert in scarf tying or on scarf rings, but I did just purchase the Regate ring in goldtone, and I was worried about the same thing you are-- that the ring would fall off the scarf. As it happens, the ring is the perfect size for the 90 cm scarves, and it holds both ends of the scarf securely. The Regate scarf ring is not even at the slightest risk of falling off any of my Hermes scarves. I am certain that the Bolduc scarf ring is the same-- and that it will be as secure as can be.
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  6. I have the regate. Easy to use and never falls off (knock wood). It’s also light. Mine is palladium. The only other scarf ring I would consider is the trio because I like the clean lines.
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  7. I have the same problem at first, then I figure out if you fold the 90 silk scarf to make it thicker, the ring will stay in place.
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  8. I really like maitai horn scarf rings. Light weight and just so easy to use. I also love her shawl ring.
  9. Thank you so much for the very informative reply. I really appreciate your advise.
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  10. Thanks Ladybaga and also to all the helpful ladies who have made my decision so much easier: tlamdang08, Noveltwist, BagsRGreat, CMilly, HKsai. I am grateful to you all for taking the time to reply to my post with your experience and helpful advise! I guess I posted in the wrong thread yesterday. So sorry about that, I did not realize, but now I am off to shop!
  11. I think is about the lock. I also new to hermes scarf ring. I just got the classic Regent. When you use scarf ring, you need to pull the scarf through the ring which may accidentally causes scarf pulls. Any you will aware the recommendation of using Hermes scarf actually not suggest to use anything to tie it. Very contradicting in marketing, but true, scarf ring will increase the risk and damaging scarves.
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  12. People seem to introduce scarf ring questions on many threads. I have renamed this thread in the hope that all those questions, answers, new acquisitions and chat about scarf rings can go here.

    Scarf ring wanters and wearers please feel free to contribute.

    This notice will only be stacked temporarily
  13. Thank you for your clarification. I will be very careful when I use my scarf ring now that i know this.

  14. Another way to use rings like Regate and Bolduc is to pass one end of the scarf through in each direction. That way the ring cannot come off.

    I love scarf rings as I am rather knot-challenged. I have many H rings and love them all, even the.Chaine d’Ancre which many find heavy. I particularly like the enameled ones so I can highlight different colors. I also love MaiTai’s rings. I have never had problems with excessive wrinkling or any snagging when using either MaiTai or H rings. I even use glass rings for 90s and small napkin rings in various colors on CSGMs. But be very careful and check for any rough spots if using anything like that.