Scarves Scarf Of The Day 2018 - Which Hermès scarf are you wearing today?

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  1. It's so soft and versatile! Has a lovely contrast hem in a muted lemon color, too. Not showing up in my photo unfortunately.

    Sometimes I struggle on the weekly themes but this week I said .... I got this :smile:
  2. In hindsight I'm beginning to believe pretty much all the purple CW's last year were awesome. :tup:

    That he is! :hugs:
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  3. Thank you and :lol:

    Ha, I may have driven a few cars with resale value less than an H scarf, and eventually always had the conversation:
    Me: The car won't start.
    Someone with actual mechanical skills: Probably the alternator.
    Me, pretending to understand: :yes:

    Thank you so much! It's really a great design!

    Thank you! Automotive art for the win!

    Thank you - it's such a favorite.

    Thank you - I appreciate both your taste so much!

    Thanks, it's been fun to look for these!

    Technically that France ;) and it's so old and soft I ignore that it's fading to orange.'s a dignified russet, yeah, that's it!

    ETA: And thank you for the compliments, weN84 and silkcloud - I am once again being defeated by the quote mechanism, but I appreciate you both!
  4. Hopelessly behind! Everyone has such beautiful scarves. Group wave!
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  5. exquisite!!
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  6. An oldie but a goodie - I think this is my oldest scarf - and I found lanterns! Finally on topic with Ex Libris.
    IMG_5034.jpg IMG_5035.jpg
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  9. A Coco photo bomb! :giggle:
    Thank you! :flowers:
  10. Off topic
  11. Off topic 20181108_112205.jpg
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  12. Why thank you, scarf1!
  13. OT today. Yesterday I was in the tropics. This morning we went out to breakfast - I bundled up.. samourais CSGM
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