Scarves Scarf Of The Day 2018 - Which Hermès scarf are you wearing today?

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  1. (continued from here)


    Just for fun, each Sunday begins a new Theme Week. This year TEAM SCARF MISTRESS is a gang of three—plus Guest Volunteers who will host some Theme Weeks from the list below. (If you’d like to be a host, start a Conversation with one of us-- Bunnycat, Xincinsin, or ABQ2ATL--by clicking the Inbox in the upper right corner. Tell us the date and Theme you’d like to introduce and we’ll answer questions and sign you up. We’d really love your help!)

    Everyone on this thread is a Scarfie who loves learning about specific designers, discovering new scarf knots, examining scarf details more carefully, and seeing MORE SCARVES. Even if it's off-theme, your SOTD (Scarf of the Day) is always welcome. Be creative, have fun with the topics, and SHOW US YOUR SCARVES — talk about them and add links to more information. We’re all friends here (definitely no Scarf Police) – so smile at your selfie camera and come play with us!



    7 Jan 2018 RING IN THE NEW YEAR: Scarf Ring and Knotting favorites (got a new ring?)

    14 Jan 2018 SCARF MAGIC: Scarves that you wear to feel Amazing, Powerful or Special

    21 Jan 2018 LIPSTICK LOVE: RED—palest rose to burgundy. Extra points for matching lipstick!

    28 Jan 2018 SCARVES ON BLACK OR WORN WITH LEATHER: Sophistication plus!


    4 Feb 2018 WINTER SPORTS AND SNOW— PyeongChang Winter Olympics Feb 9 to 25

    11 Feb 2018 FUN SCARVES FOR VALENTINES: Couples, Hearts and/or Cheeky Cherubs!

    18 Feb 2018 CHINESE YEAR OF THE DOG: (Feb 16) Dogs (and wolves) on scarves

    25 Feb 2018 Artist: HUGO GRYGKAR plus variations on Brides de Gala and Ex Libris


    4 Mar 2018 TIRED OF WINTER! Scarves featuring BOATS, TROPICS, FISH

    11 Mar 2018 WATCHES, CLOCKS, AND OTHER TIMEPIECES for Daylight Savings Time

    18 Mar 2018 SHADES OF GREEN for the Vernal Equinox -- Spring is around the corner

    25 Mar 2018 SUPER SOFT ME: Vintage 70s and Dip Dyes


    1 Apr 2018 EASTER BONNETS: scarves featuring all kinds of headgear for men and women

    8 Apr 2018 DOUBLE YOUR PLEASURE: wear two scarves together

    15 Apr 2018 SCARVES WITH A STORY: who or what inspired you to choose a particular scarf?

    22 Apr 2018 SILENT MOVIE: Scarves in (mostly) BLACK, GREY, and/or WHITE

    29 Apr 2018 BIRDS, BEES, AND BUTTERFLIES: garden friends


    6 May 2018 BOUQUETS AND PASTELS for Mothers Day

    13 May 2018 BUSY, BUSY, BUSY! Artists Christine Henry, Annie Faivre, Ugo Gattoni, and others

    20 May 2018 ROYAL WEDDING: Scarves with Royals, Emperors, Maharajas, Chiefs, Tribal Leaders

    27 May 2018 YOUR DEFINITION OF “NEUTRAL”: Beige? Warm? Cool? Pale? Dark? Show & Tell.


    3 Jun 2018 ONE SCARF, MANY LOOKS: take the multiple-day challenge with different tops

    10 Jun 2018 FANGS AND CLAWS: Predators—cats, raptors, foxes, squirrels, snakes, spiders!

    17 Jun 2018 PURPLE PASSION: pale lavender to violet to aubergine to deep plum

    24 Jun 2018 MOUSSELINES: all sizes, all colors, light and fluttery


    1 Jul 2018 SCARVES AND STRIPES FOREVER: thin, wide, short, long—stripes of all sorts

    8 Jul 2018 RYBALTCHENKOS FOR THE WIN: Vladimir and/or nephew Dimitri

    15 Jul 2018 TWILLIES, GAVROCHES AND COTTON 70s: little scarves for summer

    22 Jul 2018 CLEVER HANDIWORK: Scarves featuring embroidery, knitting, applique, lacework

    29 Jul 2018 SHADES OF BLUE: baby, aqua, turquoise, sapphire, royal, navy, ink….


    5 Aug 2018 YOUR CHEATIN’ HEART: NON-H scarves (Shh! We won’t tell)

    12 Aug 2018 T-SHIRT CASUAL: relaxed scarves and spontaneous ties

    19 Aug 2018 CORNERED ON THE CARRÉ: Scarves with interesting corners and/or contrast hems

    26 Aug 2018 HENRI D’ORIGNY—Fantasy curves and swirls (Cavalcador, Eperon d’Or, L’instruction du Roy, and curvy/loopy designs by other artists)


    2 Sep 2018 WRITE NOW! scarves with songs, poems, and handwriting of all kinds

    9 Sep 2018 MODERN AND ABSTRACT SCARVES: featuring new designs and artists

    16 Sep 2018 HORSES, HARNESS, SADDLES: The roots of Hermès

    23 Sep 2018 AUTUMN and EARTHY COLORS: shades for the Fall Equinox

    30 Sep 2018 PATTERN ON PATTERN: Wear a scarf on a patterned top (or one scarf, different tops)


    7 Oct 2018 EYE TO THE SKY: Sun, Moon, Stars, Planets, Constellations (Astrology)

    14 Oct 2018 POWERFUL WOMEN: Female H Designers and/or PINK for Breast Cancer Month

    21 Oct 2018 FIVE KEEPERS: Five scarves you couldn’t do without or that you wear the most

    28 Oct 2018 HALLOWEEN! Masks, scary scarves or just ORANGE and/or BLACK ones


    4 Nov 2018 NO MORE DAYLIGHT SAVING: Scarves with candles, lamps, fireplaces (fireworks?)

    11 Nov 2018 IMPULSE BUYS: Rave or Regret? (Show us a scarf you’ve never worn!)

    18 Nov 2018 I CAN’T QUIT YOU: scarves you own in multiple colorways or formats

    25 Nov 2018 MEN IN/ON SCARVES: designs from H Men and/or scarves featuring uniforms


    2 Dec 2018 DREAM HOLIDAYS: Places you have or want to visit (extra credit for Scarf on Site)

    9 Dec 2018 YOUR CURRENT FAVORITE SCARF ARTIST: Show & tell us why you love him/her

    16 Dec 2018 BRIGHT AND FESTIVE: colorful seasonal favorites

    23 Dec 2018 DECK YOUR NECK: scarves featuring ribbons and/or feathers

    30 Dec 2018 SCARVES OF THE YEAR: your favorite purchase(s) this year (new or new-to-you)
  2. Hello fellow Scarflandians!

    We've started up the topic list for the 2018 calendar! Please continue to enjoy the final days of the 2017 thread and get ready for this Sunday!

    Mistikat is obliging us by temporarily disabling replies here until the Sunday topic starts so everyone can get a gander at the 2018 topics and then this thread will open up again. Yay!

    Have fun!
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  3. Clic Clac à Pois 70

  4. Thank you to the new trio in Team Scarf Mistress and a happy 2018 to everybody. The themes look like lots of fun again this year and I can't wait to see everybody's offerings.
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    How fitting that Croisette is first to post! I look forward to seeing your parade of beautiful silks again this year!
    Meanwhile, I love these colors, and polkadots, and the cute matching scarf ring. So fresh and light!
  6. Thank you dear, you know me, I'm an early bird this morning.
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  7. de la Mer au Ciel

  8. Such a cute and playful scarf and tie, Croisette! And thanks for starting the party, too. I really must try some colorful scarf rings!
    Thanks Pautinka, and I love your new avatar!
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  9. my new twillie :smile:
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    Bonjour Scarflandia!

    Welcome to the 2018 thread!

    Our first weeks topic is:

    RING IN THE NEW YEAR: Scarf Ring and Knotting favorites

    Let's ring in the new thread this week celebrating scarf rings! H put out some new ones recently that I am gaga for like these two!

    This would be fun with a regular scarf and as a "buckle" on a twilly!

    I just like this one cuz its cool! :cool: megaloop.jpg

    So hoist out yer scarf rings mateys and have some fun!

    Millefleurs du Mexique with a perennial favorite, my Mors ring. Bias folded and wrapped front to back, threaded through the Mors and tied in back to hold it all.


    My new jaguar Quetzal bias tied, wrapped front to back, then secured in the front with a simple round scarf ring (similar to the round one up top I am oogling).

  11. Beautiful Croisette! Such a happy, springtime cmonbination!

    Thank you Pautinka! It should be a lot of fun!

    Gorgeous orange!
    ooooo- super cute!!!!
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  12. Gorgeous!
    I also like that buckle ring... hrmmm
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  13. Thank you Cookiefiend! (I know- right....I saw that one and the ideas just start pouring in.....)
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  14. Not too creative, but my Selle d"Officier CSGM today, bias folded and then looped and secured with a Maitai shawl ring. This will be a fun week, as I have been neglecting my scarf rings in recent months. I too am eyeing that cute rectangular ring @bunnycat!
  15. First all, many thanks to the hard work for @ABQ2ATL as a solo scarf mistress.
    And welcome to the new team scarf mistress!

    @Croisette7 - love the fresh colors in your first post!
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