Scarves Scarf Of The Day 2018 - Which Hermès scarf are you wearing today?

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  1. Thank you Cookiefiend!
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  2. Love this! I have to ask is your sweater grey?:flowers:
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  3. This is so pretty:heart::heart: I am chasing this myself. Agree that it's usually always very expensive.
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  4. Yes sweater is a silvery grey. And the top is white with grey stripes
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  5. Armenonville is an old design by Clerc. Those big globes on the wrought iron archway look like lights :P.
    This outfit is also an inside joke for me. I'm wearing my Dark Knight tee and one of my fave Batman comics is Gotham by Gaslight, which puts Batman in a steampunk Victorian setting with characters looking like those on this scarf.
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  6. Thank you papertiger!


    All fabulous ... and sweet Finnegan!

    Very elegant, Langsam!
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  8. 6EE2D7D1-FA24-43C1-9D3A-EB333D8DBEC5.jpeg I just got back from a trip to Israel. Here’s me in Jerusalem outside of the old city. I visited and prayed at the Western Wall. As I walked toward the Wall, I whipped out the shawl and tied it blind behind my head and hoped for the best. It turned out beautifully.
  9. Wow! So beautiful!!!:heart::heart:
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  10. LOL - I love an outfit that requires footnotes. This is fabulous!
    I love Clerc and that archway is TDF.
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  11. Fantastic! Jerusalem is amazing. I think you could do something with this look - it's cool!
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  12. Truly a perfect advert. The golden dome in the background echoes the beautiful golden in your shawl. Fabulous pic!!:flowers:
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  13. Very cool xcs!:heart:
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  14. Thank you, moma and lanit!
  15. Thank you Croisette! :flowers:

    Beautiful etoupebirkin!
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