Scarves Scarf Of The Day 2018 - Which Hermès scarf are you wearing today?

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  1. Perfect juxtaposition! That green is beautiful.
  2. I love it!
    Thank you so much! :flowers:
    This is perfect. :heart:
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  3. There are grey days when I want something bright to perk me up, which would have made En Avant Toute and its tiny running light work:

    But today I just wanted to slouch into work as comfortably as possible so it was Les Ponts de Paris:

    Croisette, you mentioned being interested in the blue CW. Did you mean this purply-blue one, or I think there's a brighter, more turquoise one?
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  4. Really love that en avant- toute scarf.
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  5. It's really got that illusion of movement, doesn't it? :smile:
  6. Thank you Fizzy, no, I've seen a bright blue one recently.
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  7. Quai aux Fleurs has a little lantern - This one is not mine but a picture of another from the internet - though if I were to find this one I would make it mine!
    Today I’m wearing Cheval de Charactere - a gorgeous neutral and just the right touch.
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  8. That tiny light is sweet! (Can you describe a light as sweet? :lol: )
    I was looking for those red flashing lights atop tall buildings and lights on aeroplanes, but no luck so far. I did find a couple of oddities in my "illuminating" research. The fireworks maker from Feux d'Artifice and Naissance d'Une Idee appears on Feux de l'Espace in astronaut gear with his fireworks also in weird space containers. And there are stage lights in La Magie.
  9. Wow, great eyes to catch the light on en avant toute! Need to get mine out to wear soon.
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  10. Beautiful neutral Cheval, Cookiefiend! It's so fresh and crisp!
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  11. Great finds---the stage lights---of course!
  12. Your Ponts de Paris looks so comfy and soft---lovely vintage scarf! (almost didn't catch the autocorrect "pants" for "ponts")
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  13. Not on theme, but her's my actual SOTD---Cavaliers du Caucase CSGM, "lighting" up my day!
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  14. Gorgeous and warm reds can really perk up the day! :heart:
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  15. Oh- I love this one Fizzy!

    You make a mainly white scarf look so good Cookie!

    Wow- really great finds xincinsin!

    Perfect contrast for your sweater bruxelles!
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