say hello to my little friends :)

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  1. Sounds like it is time to say "good-bye to your little friends" and get your refund!!
  2. The PT looked off to off to me as soon as I saw pics- didn't recognize the color and the leather doesn't look like TDF bal leather. Upon closer look, the hobo leather doesn't look right either. I hope you get your money back! Also, maybe it'd be helpful to post the website you purchased from so tpfers, esp. newbies, know to avoid it.
  3. thanks hon :smile:

    ya, i just need to go outta town to get my bags i guess (i live in a small town). i order them off the internet which is apparently not the way to go
  4. you still couldn't provide us the webbie where you got the bags? you have confirmed that they're both fakes? i buy my bbags off the internet too and i buy them blind. there're loads of help here to ascertain how not to be duped. usually the prices would give the 'authencity' away.
  5. I will say however that I hope the saddle color is that same brown!!!
  6. Absolutely gorgeous! Both of them!
  7. aww... I hope you get your refund!!.. I'm a newbie too and I've been looking online also. I would be so heartbroken if this happened to me >.<

    Pls let us know which site you got these from so I know what to avoid~
  8. I'm sorry these aren't the real deal. Stick around and you will quickly learn of places to go for the real deal... you can order from alorarag for instance (via phone or email/fax order), call and order from Balny directly, or, or (though prices can be much steeper and also fluctuate)...bluefly and overstock, smartbargains all carry authentic bbags from time to time... Neiman marcus, Saks, Barney's, and Nordstrom arden fair also take phone orders if you call the store directly.... and a knowledgeable SA can help you find what you are looking for.

    You'll pay more for an authentic bbag, but it is sooooo worth it as you can see by how many bbag lovers post on this forum!
  9. Unfortunately, even though I'm somewhat new to Bbags, I have to agree that these bags don't seem quite right.:tdown:
    It would be helpful and appreciated if you could look up your bookmark for the website from which your purchased these bags and post it here. Perhaps we can prevent another TPFer from getting scammed. :smile:

    Thanks! And I sincerely hope you can get a refund!