say hello to my little friends :)

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  1. I don't know about the dark hobo, but the brown PT is definitely not an authentic Balenciaga, sorry.
  2. Return it!!! and get your money back... Waste! The quality of fake bags last for few days?? not worth it!!!
  3. Hello,LOL! Gorgeous bags! Congratulations!

  4. lovely, congrats!!
  5. Helllllllllloooooooooo!!!!!!!! Wow!
  6. As soon as I saw that caramel looking bag I thought it was fake...I decided to read on in case it was the new Saddle colour. I can't quite tell the colour of the HW on the Hobo, but if the style card says 2007 1 and it has silver GH...That's a fake too. You really do need to get your money back. I bet you paid quite a few hundred dollars for each of these bags...Well you could save a little more and get the real thing. There is no comparison. Fake bags fall apart after about 1 month or so. Totally not worth it and manufacturers of fake bags are also often involved in other criminal activities and some companies use the fake bag production to conceal money laundering activities for crimes involving drug production and the exploitation of children. It's not ok.
  7. I couldn't have said it better.
  8. speaking as a newbie ~ i don't like the look of either of them :s ~ something is not quite right here ~ sorry! :flowers:
  9. Hmm I thought both were questionable at first glance and now I question their authenticity based on the silver buckles, bales and leather texture especially. Don't get scammed, those in the know do know you're carrying probable fakes, and the bags won't make you feel good if that's the case. Once you've felt the real deal there's no alternative anyway. Good luck with this! And if you can, please post more pics so that we can be 100 % sure. :flowers:
  10. any update?
  11. Yes, when u find out about the brown bag, please pass it on
  12. Hello, pretties!!!

    Oh dear, hope they're the real thing. Good luck!
  13. wow I was just reading some of these posts, the two bags are nice, but they aren't the real thing? so if you paid a lot for them, it would kind of be a waste, you know? hope everything works out for you!
  14. I love your hobo... but both of them are beautiful, obviously!
  15. hun, i am not too sure where you keep buying your bal bags from but if i remember correctly you were also duped on a fake seafoam city??

    I urge you to get your money back! i have seen a fake bbag irl and they are NOTHING compared to the real thing :smile: i would rather have 1 authentic bag than three fake ones.

    I really hope all works out for you! Best of luck