say hello to my little friends :)

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  1. i like the leather tag with out the metal. i know no one will see the tag when i'm carrying it, but i like it. looks more natural.
  2. Well it's not cognac:
    W = F/W 2006 Raised Brass HW Pony hair had raised silver HW
    Y = S/S 2006 Raised Brass HW White Pony hair had Swarovski crystals

  3. there was neither a "W" or "Y" ... what do you mean? sorry kinda new at this :s
  4. Well, cognac (which it kinda looks like) came out in 06, but they only came in raised brass HW. So it can't be cognac. Where did you purchase the bag?
  5. ^^ check the inside leather tag above the interior tag above the inside pocket. Or also check the white cards that came with the bag. The letter is actually on there.
  6. i got it online, i have the site bookmarked elsewhere

  7. ^^ it came with the cards?
  8. I hate to say this but are you sure that site was legit?
  9. I've been wondering that as well...the bale on the PT looks very square and I can't think of a color close to that that would come with SGH.
  10. Your bags are gorgeous, congrats on your newest additions!!

  11. not sure:confused1:

    think i got scammed?

  12. yes, it did come with the cards
  13. ^^^ does the card have letters and numbers and the year of the bag?
  14. Well what color does it say on the tag? And year?

  15. okay i don't know which bag this tag is for...but it reads: 2007 1 173082 D941G 1262 SAC

    i think that's for the black one?

    i don't even think i got that sort of tag for the other bag