say hello to my little friends :)

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  1. these pictures don't do justice.

  2. ^^ You're right! They are gorgeous! CONGRATS and thanks for sharing!!
  3. beautiful, congrats!
  4. thanks :smile:

    i hope everyone else thinks so, too! i've never posted a thread before :sweatdrop:
  5. Love!! whats the colour name for the brown one? I can't identify it...
  6. ^I can't either. Is that truffle?
  7. ^^^^ no. Thats not truffle.

    It looks like some sort of caramel. Even what I imagine Saddle to look like for 08....
  8. Cognac? It couldn't be the new 08 brown could it?
  9. ^^^^^ can't be...
  10. pardon my ignorance, but i have no idea

    but i LOVE it :yahoo:
  11. ^Well I love it too! But I have to know! So did you buy it new? Used? Where? What doesn the letter on the silver tag say following the numbers?

  12. the tag is just leather and says 173082 20004

    hope that helps! :yes:
  13. oh and i got them online
    i can't recall the site name, but i know i've got it bookmarked somewhere
  14. i'm really curious about this brown color also. it looks like a caramel color and looks fantastic with the silver hardware. where did you purchase your bag? I've never seen this color before.
  15. Oh ya, I forgot the PT doesn't have the silver tag.....