say hello to my little friends :)

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  1. The "2007 1" at the beginning of the number sequence indicates Spring of 2007 and the Giant Silver Hardware was not introduced until the Fall of 2007.
  2. I'm not going to say that, the color just doesn't match any of the released colors. karenab is asking a great question about what the cards say. Also, you could take clear pictures of the inside tag and the bales and the rivets so we can tell you if the bag is the real deal.
  3. CoutureObsessed is right. I think you need to phish out the website you bought these bags from and examine their return policy.
  4. ^^ ITA, i'm worried about these :true:
  5. i'll post specific pics when i get the chance.

    if i discover it's not a true bal...would i be stoned by tPF for keeping it? it's just such a beautiful color :s and i've read bulletins posted by people who have gone crazy over faux bals. you know what i'm sayin?
  6. ^^ tPF is against fakes girl :girlsigh:
  7. congrats! they look so delish
  8. Good luck on authenticating them or getting your money back.
  9. what aaallabama said, we are against fakes. We aren't going to assault you, but you would kindly be asked not to post we are a community that does love and appreciate the beauty of Balenciagas, not fakes. Also, I don't know how much you spent on these bags, but if it's anywhere near what retail is, I sure as sh*t would want real Bals for my money.
  10. The Caramel-ly shade is TDF, love the leather texture, so so so YUMMY!!!
  11. OOOps. I just read the replies concerning the authenticity! Good luck with that!
  12. :tup: yeah what she said if you paid bal prices and they are fake I would get a refund.
  13. :yes:
  14. congrats! they are beautiful :smile:
  15. brianarose, are you able to post pics of the tags & bales? I can't be sure, but the GH buckle looks a little bit off? The color looks lovely for the caramel bag, but I don't think 07 F/W or 08 S/S had a brown color like that, and SGH only came out in F/W 07.

    ETA: Just read the rest of the thread and saw questions abt authenticity too. Hope you're able to get your money back!