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  1. Great! Hope you enjoy your new pom
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  2. She's just gorgeous! My Large Antique Rose Savannah arrived Friday, but I'm being a good girl and waiting for my birthday in a couple weeks before I unwrap her. :smile: she's one of my birthday bags. It's so hard not to just rip her open to wear. :giggle:
  3. This little lady joined my collection today. Small Savannah in the color Celadon to match all my Fall/Winter mint colored sweaters and scarves :heart: she's perfect size for grab and go to run errands. :love: IMG_1477943169.073435.jpg IMG_1477943204.887408.jpg
  4. Thanks! I'm sure your birthday would fill with happiness and joy. Can't wait to see all your birthday bags

    Congrats! This color is so lovely and unique. I should be on ban island but I want small Savannah too. So cute and practical
  5. Thanks cny1941! This is my last one until Christmas shopping ..... maybe :giggle:
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  6. OH!! And thanks for the birthday wishes!!
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  7. MK has these on super sale right now. I just ordered a large in brick for $138 since I sold my Sutton. Can't wait to receive it. I haven't bought MK in a while.... :smile:
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  8. Love this color. Just ordered the same one....:smile:
  9. Looking at all these gorgeous Savannah bags has me swooning.

    Any of you ladies who also have medium/large Suttons how do they compare size wise to the medium and large Savannahs?

    I know sooner or later I will have one myself, whether it be plum, Misty rose or something else I'm not sure.
  10. Joining.

    Large Savannah in brick....

  11. Lovely bag, how you enjoying her?
  12. Thanks. I'm really enjoying her. The color is so unique and looks great with jeans. I'm really glad I took the plunge...:biggrin:
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  13. OOH that's pretty! I don't think I've seen one in that color.

    Anyone want to contribute to my purse fund? :P
  14. Is this same size as small Sutton?
  15. Could someone with a large Savannah post what fits inside? Thank you!