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  1. Bit late to the club but I just got my large Savannah in Cinder

  2. Medium Savannah owners - I got the Medium Cinder for a steal at Macys. I love the look of it, the color etc. I like small/medium bags but I am wondering if the Savannah in this size is too small, will the zipper be too tight to easily open the center compartment? Anyone have a medium and what are your thoughts? I think the Large may be too big and wish the Large was either a little smaller or the medium a little bigger
  3. I've had my eye on this exact bag for a while. Not ready to take the plunge yet though.
  4. I don't have zipper problem with my medium savannah. I love the middle compartment it fits my large wallet, iPad mini and sunglasses. Agreed that it's quite small for the "medium" size bag. I found that medium savannah size is between the small and medium Sutton. I owned the large savannah it's bigger than medium Sutton. Love how roomy it is but the large one lost its shape too quickly (dents and slouchy all four corners) I like structure bag so I ended up selling it
  5. Oh wow what you describe about the Large Savannah makes me nervous. Do you think it is because you did not fill the bag up? I don't carry much either.

    Other ladies have issues with the Large Savannah denting etc?
  6. I have had my medium Savannah since July 2016 and it is a little dented in the front corners only. I have tried to overstuff when I'm not using it and that helps. But still they are there, just smaller. I have seen a few Savannahs like that. But I'm not sure what size they were.
  7. 20170502_140447.jpeg I got my first Savannah. Its the large in Cinder. I'm very happy!
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    I got the same bag (color/size) at Macys as well. I loved the bag but it was a bit too small for me. Returned it and got it in a large size, admiral color. Very happy with the size.
    However, I noticed a small spot on the back of the purse. I'm not sure if I should take it back and ask for another one or just keep it. It is very small, however it is kind of bothering me. Am I being silly?

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    Hello all! OWNERS of MK Savannah antique rose satchel, I need help! I want to buy the antique rose colour but I'm a little bit confused if this one I found on ebay, is THE '' antique rose''? I tried to compare it with some other pictures but it's a little bit hard ... Please help, confirmed if it is...

    IMG_1917.JPG IMG_1918.JPG IMG_1920.JPG IMG_1922.JPG IMG_1923.JPG
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  10. it's hard to say! If it's a good price buy it. If it isn't return it, PayPal always gives you your money back.
  11. Yes mine is starting to dent/sag a bit on the back corners of the bag. However I'd say this is probably because I've been slack and have not been keeping it packed with stuffing when I'm not using it. It could probably be corrected or prevented if I did.
    Another thing with this bag is I find that it suffers the same problem as the Sutton with the shoulder strap "pulling" out the inside of the bag when heavy or full :sad: So I can't use the shoulder strap if I'm carrying a few things, or else it does that and I worry how it will affect the structure of the bag if done too often.
    Has anyone else noticed this with theirs?
    But having said that I still adore this bag! I have the Large in Cinder just like the ones pictured above. It's gorgeous and classic, even though it has it's flaws, I'd still buy another one in a different colour or size if I found a good deal :smile:
  13. I have the same problem with the straps pulling on my Sutton so I've learned to hook the strap on the handle rings instead. This kept it from tearing the inside of the bag.
  14. This looks very similar to my Selma in Antique Rose but as the previous poster mentioned, it appears to be patent leather.