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  1. Thank you!
  2. Medium, Lilac saffiano patent leather. Sometimes is looks like gray. I like it! Fotor_15091123634040.jpg
  3. A lil' touch Fotor_150914736774352.jpg
  4. Love that! What color is your Savannah?
    ETA- I see you shared a pic of lilac- is that the same bag?
  5. Thanks @Sarah03 Lila, yes it is the same bag, one with natural light in the morning, another with night lamp.
  6. I just picked this up in the boutique in Admiral today and in Oyster online since it's on sale. I've been wanting a navy purse for a while now. But, now that I have it I'm not sure. I think if it wasn't so close to Spring it wouldn't be an issue for me. But, I mainly work from home (I go in once a month). So I honestly don't use bags every single day. Ugh!
  7. Joining the club! My new work bag - large Savannah with gold hardware :heart: I originally wanted a Selma, but no black ones were available. This one's better for me though since I wanted a bigger size.

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  8. Hi! Did you purchased this ob
    Hi! Are the new ones really have logo chain? I noticed in the website and youtube that Savannah bags dont have that logo chain. TIA.
  9. I noticed the ones I was choosing from had a logo chain. Maybe that is what they added with the newer models in the store :smile:
  10. Hello! I've been keeping an eye out for large Savannah or large Susannah lately, because i think it will be fit with my 13" laptop. Is this Savannah roomy enough to fit 13" laptop?
    but i'm a bit hesitate when i read on this forum that the shoulder strap can't hold the bag nicely when it's heavy.
    does hook or put the strap on the handle ring work to keep it hold nicely without tearing the inside bag?
    actually, i like Savannah better than Susannah because of the long strap and the saffiano leather, but now i'm in doubt... *savannah.. susannah..savannah..susannah*
  11. My new large Savannah in Acorn. I had a hard time to capture the true shape and colour on a picture. But it`s beautiful and I got it on sale. :smile:
    IMG_20180626_173047.jpg IMG_20180626_173102.jpg

    Gesendet von meinem HUAWEI VNS-L21 mit Tapatalk
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  12. Hello! I am new to the Savannah club...just bought my first at Marshall’s! It is the grey, medium satchel. Should my bag have come with an MK dangle? I am noticing some have them and some don’t in the pics..
  13. No, the Savannah does not come with a MK dangle.
  14. Ladies, how have your bags held up?

    Has anyone found a way to prevent the creasing about 1/3 up from the bottom?