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  1. image.jpeg
    My first Savannah in Celadon
  2. Sorry but I forgot to mention it is the medium size and it is in the patent saffiano.
  3. Oh I found the Savannah group ... yeah I will have to post them....
    Miss large Lilac Savannah

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  4. Since Large selmas are not made anymore I have found to really love the Savannah and how organized it is ... my latest purchase ... miss coffeee large Savannah

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  5. Medium Misty Rose Savannah

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  6. Miss large Moss Savannah

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  7. Love all your Savannahs

    Went to the MK boutique today and saw this bag in Antique Rose, love this color works great on me. The boutique has this bag for 30% off almost bought it but for a second thought, I don't like an impulse buy. Fast forward to after got back home, checked on and they have it 50% off! Omg, I just placed an order. Can't wait until my bag arrives

    I love Savannah in coffee too. Will get the medium one when Macy's put it on sale
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  8. Thank you so much! Oh yeah so happy you found it cheaper on line . I looked many times at antique rose it's so pretty , can't wait to see your bag. I hope you get coffee it's a great color
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  9. Thanks! I also went to Macy's to check on medium Savannah in coffee. Unfortunately my local Macy's don't have any. How do you like the medium compare to the large one? I like that Savannah has longer shoulder strap than Sutton hope to get the medium Savannah as a crossbody bag.
  10. I found a large black savanah w silver hardware. Never seen it anywhere else. So pretty
  11. IMG_1477435146.538335.jpg

    My first Savannah in brick
  12. Congrats! Brick is a nice colour and rather unique in handbags.
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  13. Thank you! Love this subtle red
  14. IMG_1477780139.227513.jpg

    Antique rose Savannah


    With misty rose pom
  15. Look a great together I broke down and bought the misty Rose Pom Pom since it was on sale
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