$$$ Sales and Deals on YSL items! $$$

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  1. Does anyone know if their flat card holder ever go on sale? If they do, what's the cheapest price you ever got? I'm looking to buy one but since their sale is coming soon I probably can wait another month :smile:
  2. I was able to purchase the Lou Lou cardholder in nude at the outlet for $179 (I think but somewhere around that amount)
  3. Wow that's such a great price!! So sad there's no outlet near me :sad:
  4. You can call the store and they can ship it to you for $10 (at least that’s what they charge me). I have an SA there who texts me whenever they get new shipments I didn’t have any nude YSL wallet before and now I have 3 nude loulou in 3 different sizes lol
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  5. By the way is this the YSL sale? When is it and up to what % is the sale? Thanks!
  6. I got my YSL card holder for $200 USD on Farfetch randomly, not even on sale. The same style is normally $295. That's also how I got a good price on my Loewe bag - just random luck from a lower priced boutique on Farfetch.
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  7. Usually end of May...not only that but other websites like ssense, net a porter, farfetch usually start their sale around the same time as well :smile:
  8. I think I'll have to start stalking their website :biggrin:
  9. Awesome! How good is the sale? Like 30-50%? I’m very hopeful lol
  10. YES! although usually the sale is on seasonal colors....I am never adventurous with my bag colors, but definitely am for SLGs! So Im looking forward to this season's sale :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  11. Awesome!!! Thanks for the info!
  12. Do you know if the have the loulou compact wallet? I cant fit everything i need into the flat card holder. Looking for something to match my toy loulou.
  13. A6260AEB-1E42-4964-A0FC-B5FC32FCAC7A.jpeg
    Yup! Is this the one that you’re looking for?

    They have the flat card holder, compact and the large wallets. I didn’t have any so I took advantage. This was about 2 weeks ago though not sure if they still have some but you can call the store to check, it doesn’t hurt.
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  14. Following the thread :heart:

    I bought a toy loulou (black & silver hdw) from Saks w/ a $350 off $1000 code and a 10% off discount for a new customer. Sadly tho, the bag arrived with two huge creases and I just couldn’t accept it even with a huge discount like that. I’ll be following this thread for the toy loulou sale. Does the black toy loulou w/ silver hardware ever go on sale?
  15. Yes this is what I'm looking for! Do you have a pic of the inside? Also, do you know how much it was? If you don't mind sharing your SA info i would appreciate it!
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