$$$ Sales and Deals on YSL items! $$$

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  1. I was informed by Farfetch that YSL does not participate in any of the discount codes and that is probably why it didn’t work.

    Sorry it didn’t work out for you.
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  2. Hi all
    I just purchased from an online boutique my first YSL bag New Toy Loulou for $800!!!
    I will update once I receive the bag.
    All the best :smile:
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  3. Have anyone done shopping at Gaudenzi Boutique? Are their Saint Laurent handbags authentic? If you do shop at them, how is your experience? How is their US shipping? I am looking forward to your comment. Thank you.
  4. Congratulation on your purchase. What online boutique did you purchase it?
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    I was just going to reply to your previous post. I got it at gaudenzi with the welcome 15% off so it came out right under $800. I thought it was too good to be true for a second.

    They are a small boutique in Italy, pretty well established. They sell various high end lux goods. https://www.vogue.it/en/trends/shop-in-the-shops/2011/06/shopping-riviera
    . The only catch is they process payment through Italian bank so make sure your card doesn’t charge crazy fees for foreign transaction and currency conversion... my final bill was in euro even though I checked out USD.
    Return policy is okay with 14 days.

    They shipped it through DHL and it says I’ll get it this Thursday and requires signature. I ordered it on Monday so the shipping has been pretty fast. I’ll update you when I get it! I’m curious as to if it will come with dust bag etc. I know sometimes Nordstrom, Sak, etc doesn’t come with dust bag.
  6. Nice. I think we are somehow on the same page right here. Their Saint Lauren price honestly is too good to be true. With the welcome 15% off, they beat the price from Saint Lauren last big sale on November. Mine with the promotion code plus shipping is about $1450. Therefore, I need some verification before I jumped on the ship. My foreign transaction fee is 2.7% so I guess It is not that crazy. That is the decent shipping you got right there. Did they charge you the sale tax?
  7. Yea I know what you mean.
    DHL is pretty standard for international shipping but one time I got a package tracked by DHL but someone from FedEx delivered it. But yea a two day delivery is pretty good for international.
    Sales tax says is due at delivery according to the site
  8. I see. Have you ever had experience with paying sales tax at delivery before?
  9. Saks online has the toy Loulou in marble pink on sale.

  10. comes with everything packaged beautifully

    upload_2019-3-7_18-9-19.jpeg upload_2019-3-7_18-9-38.jpeg
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  11. Gorgeous! If you don’t mind me asking, how much duty were you charged at time of delivery? Just trying to gauge any “hidden” costs before I try ordering from the site. Thanks!
  12. No hidden costs
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  13. Saks had the marble pink toy Loulou on sale for $595 yesterday. I’m not sure if it has sold out.
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  14. did you get one? such a good deal!
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  15. No, I passed because light pink just isn’t for me but I hope some saw my post and got it.
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