Rogue discontinued?

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  1. I think that one is absolutely gorgeous!
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  2. Yes. They are less expensive than an alligator Birkin. A lot of decent automobiles are less expensive than an alligator Birkin.
  3. Oh, by the way, I was watching an episode of "Gilmore Girls" the other day when Rory's college boyfriend gave her a Birkin in fuscia ostrich leather. I don't think the character, Rory Gilmore, would know how much it cost or would be the type of young girl who would carry such a bag. In case you want to buy one, they have it at Tradesy.
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  4. True!
  5. This one is on my list as well. I have it in olive and absolutely love it. I see no reason that the stones and rivets would not hold up.
  6. The Rogue is my favorite style too :sad: I may have to look into getting the black with rivets if they plan to discontinue.
  7. So is the outlet having a good deal this weekend to do found orders? I miraculously received an email with another 20% off $200
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  8. No, no, no, if they think they are Chanel, the normal leather rogue will be seven thousands and the alligator rogue will be seventy thousand.
    And no discount sales.
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  9. Go for it. It’s going to be sold out shortly
  10. Use it. Deletes are 60
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  11. No Chanel for me. Because I love a discount and I gotta live. jajaja.
  12. In store only, or online too?
  13. That's a real bummer if its true. I own a Rogue and I adore it. Perfect for university and shopping. The colours are gorgeous as well. I've wanted a Rogue in a honey mustard shade for a while now.

    Disappointing news.
  14. In store outlet
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  15. I bought the black at.a dept store a few months ago and got it with discounts for $300 because it didn’t have the extra charm (and including the other discounts I had used).
    A youtuber said that they are expanding the Rogue made to order options. So all of this makes sense. I just wonder what they will replace for the “RTW” Rogues they currently sell. I agree that even though I like a lot of Coach bags, this really is their best.
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