Rogue discontinued?

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  1. I heard the rumor that coach is discontinuing Rogue from a coach fan Facebook group. And the source seems to be from some coach SAs who has been working at coach store over 10 years.
    Does anyone know about this?
    If it’s true, what about the made to order rogues? Also discounted?
  2. Jaja. Guess ya dont believe me. Its true. Made to order will stay.
  3. I'm assuming Edie is now discontinued as well? They seem to be on clearance everywhere and there is a similar shaped bag in the Spring 2020 thread.
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  4. Maybe the whole 1941 line will go to made to order? If so, that would be genius marketing! Made to order 1941 bags with customization, choose your leathers, and their own in store boutique?
    Hey, a girl can dream, right? I have absolutely no evidence of this being true, just wishful thinking, but it would be so awesome if it did happen!
  5. The Rogue is what has gotten me to fall in love with Coach again. I just bought my first one recently and just ordered another. I guess I better stock up now if this is true. But I hope it’s not!
  6. It is. Stock up
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  7. This is such a bummer - I love Rogues. Their quality is fab. I've been grabbing up as I find them, but I will really miss them.
  8. I think I might try and hunt down an oxblood rivets rogue. It's the only rogue I've had on my wishlist that I haven't bought yet.
  9. I think the rogue is the best bag they have ever designed. I’d like to pick up a couple more. Do we think a lot are going to show up at outlets? Or will possibly show up again during the winter sale?
  10. They will be at outlets soon
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  11. Haven't they already been in the outlets for a while, or at least available on the FOS / found order route? What is new there--I have seen many reveals here that are Rogues found at an outlet.
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  12. That’s true. But I’m assuming that all of the classic ones will end up at the outlet too. Like the classic black, beechwood, chalk, etc.
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  13. Yep, it will be like the Swagger bags they still can't get rid of. They probably have a million Rogue bags out there to sell.
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  14. rogue sells better than swagger. I have 0 swagger but currently having 8 rogues.
    I don’t think they are same rank of bags. Rogue is really the top of the quality even comparing to some premium brand.
  15. All rogues are being discontinued and ALL will go soon.
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