Rogue discontinued?

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  1. I had to order a black 25 even though I don't like the color of the suede lining. I have been wanting black for a very long time. Tempted to get the oxblood too. I wish I could carry a regular size because they have the saddle on sale.
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  2. I just got a fuchsia 25. I’m waiting on the navy 25 with rivets. I ordered it before I knew the black and beechwood were going on sale. So I’d like to eventually add one of those in a 25 as well. Hope they will be around for a little bit longer.
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  3. I really want the black. But I just recently purchased fuchsia and the navy 25 with rivets. I ordered the navy before I knew the black and beechwood would be on sale. Sigh. Hoping I’ll be able to get the black at some point.
  4. I’m very sad to see it go as well. I think it is their best bag.
  5. I love the fuschia but the one I got was damaged so it went back. Now that the black is on sale I am getting it instead as it will be more versatile for me. Thinking about rehoming my bandits because I don't use them as much as the Rogue 25s.
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  6. My point was that there were a lot of swaggers made, that they had so many left over. The same will be true for the Rogue. It will take a while for them to sell them all.
  7. Facts
  8. Yeah, at 40% off, an alligator Rogue goes for a less than affordable...$4,200. With Massachusetts sales tax, it would be $4,462.50. I'll pass.
    Of course, at 50% off - I still can't buy it.
  9. Right
  10. Steel Blue 30
    Black Rogue Tote
    Turquoise tote

    Get both 39 and 36 so we can be twins. Jaja
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  11. Yes but they are a steal compared to these. ;)


    I love the blue croc Coach.

  12. So true......:lol:
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  13. I would love to get this one, with the pretty multicolor rivets, but I shouldn't...Will I hold up?
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  14. I might try to get my Rogue totes this weekend.
  15. Do it!
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