Rogue discontinued?

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  1. I have two Swaggers and both IMO are same quality
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  2. They do. A lot in the vault
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  3. I noticed this as well. Does anyone know about the future of the Edie?
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  4. Why would they discontinue such a great bag?
  5. I had a feeling for a while this was happening since they really slowed down on how many new styles / colors were released the last couple of seasons. I love them and I’m glad I have so many LOL I’m not interested in many of their other larger bag styles.

    I don’t feel so guilty for stocking up now haha!
  6. I have two more on my list. Getting them Sat.
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  7. Crazy
  8. If they show up at the outlets, are they actually going to sell them there? LOL. I say this as a joke, of course, but we all know what they have been doing with transfers at the outlets :smile:
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  9. Nice!
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    I saw 2 at the outlet on Tuesday: a Dark Turquoise & an Oxblood both w/ Prairie Rivets. I don't know what the sizes were. They were 60% off. Funny, they weren't last week, when everything was 70%.

    ETA: But they were there about a month ago. I didn't finish my post because dinner was ready, and I was hungry, lol.
  11. This is sad to me. I loved the Rogue and Edie. :crybaby:
  12. The Edie is definitely being discontinued. The SA at my Coach store confirmed that last week when I was in the store.
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  13. Nothing is forever with Coach. So many of their best bags were discontinued: the Dakotah, Borough, Phoebe, etc. The list goes on....
  14. You're right. Sad too.
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  15. I was in a Coach store earlier today and noticed the Rogue’s were 30-40% off. This makes sense now. I have 2 and that enough but I’d be stocking up otherwise. The quality is excellent for the price - even more so with a sale!

    Edit: I was at The Mall in Columbia, MD and they had a great selection - chalk in both sizes, a hot pink 25 (not sure the formal color name), a bunch of rivets, and all sizes, etc. Consider calling them if you’re looking for something specific
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