Rogue discontinued?

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  1. So glad I got mine when I did. They were the best part of Coach 1941 to me.
  2. I bought my dark turquoise Rogue at the Pismo Beach outlets a month ago. I love it, it is beautifully made bague.
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  3. Does anyone know if there will be a rogue-like replacement? Kind of like how Maggie/Phoebe/Edie are all very similar?
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  4. I thought they were pushing the Dreamer to be the replacement.
  5. I can't believe that the Rogue is being discontinued - it feels like a Coach classic! End of an era...

    Wasn't Dreamer supposed to be the replacement for the Swagger?
  6. That's what my SA told me.
  7. I guess we have to get them while we can then.
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  8. I just noticed the Rogues that aren't on sale are super expensive, like the Alligator Rogue that goes for (gulp) SEVEN THOUSAND BUCKS. Good lord, who do they think they are - Chanel?
  9. I'm hoping those go on sale, but I'm guessing not.
  10. Even on sale they to much. Lol
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  11. The Stewardess, the Willis , . . . Lol
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  12. I thought something was up when I saw them go on sale today...Rogue is my favorite Coach bag :sad:
  13. Welp, time to officially stock up. Too bad Coach couldn't justify the ROI on these...the logo trend is in full effect now. I've noticed w/ Coach once these nice bags go away they won't ever replace them with similar quality.
  14. Ugh I’m not a fan of the logo trend at all! Nothing’s better than a beautiful leather bag. So disappointing.
  15. Right! Time to get those Rogues you want before they are all gone.

    Question for all - What is on your wish list?

    I want a Grey and Turquoise Rogue tote. I think I want a Olive Rogue 36 with snakeskin handles and Black Rogue 36 or 39.
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