Rogue discontinued?

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  1. And now, today's episode of people with too much money...

  2. Any news about the mens Rogue briefcases?
  3. That’s really too bad because the rogue I had been eyeing the rogue since it came out. I probably won’t be stocking up on more because I’m quite happy with my chalk and butterscotch rogues. This will make me cherish them even more!
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  4. Hearing they are discontinuing the Rogue made me nuts enough to go order three from the PCE sale. I'm sure I won't keep them all but I wanted to check out the colors/models while I can...
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  5. I ordered the dark navy with rivits (25) during the FOS sale two weeks ago which is my first Rogue. I've been using that now for two weeks. I also ordered the Chalk Rogue Tote during the same sale.

    I'm waiting for the dark olive with rivits to be delivered which I purchased as part of the current SAS sale. And last night I ordered the black rogue with rivits from the FOS before I saw the post that the Rogue is being discontinued.

    At this point I need to go to ban island, but have been watching the beechwood and chalk rogue 25 since it came out...oh the temptation!!
  6. Hmmm, I wonder if I can find the chalk with rivets. It has been on my list for a while. I thought I would have more time. :hrmm:
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  7. The chalk with rivets. :love:
    I hope I can find it at a decent price...
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  8. I got the fuchsia 25 during this sale as my first rogue. I am in love. I also ordered the navy 25 with rivets off of the outlet sale before I knew the rogue was being discontinued. Now I’m really wanting either beechwood/chalk or black in the 25. Sigh. I really can only afford two at the moment since I’m saving money for something else right now. But I’m panicked since they are being discontinued. Do you like the navy with rivets?
  9. I really do like the navy with rivits. The color is perfect and the river details are as well. The interior in oxblood is a good march in my opinion.
  10. That should have been "a good match".
  11. Does anyone have or has seen the metallic graphite in person? How dark is it? At this price, and given the discontinuance, I'm seriously considering it, but only if it's dark enough to use in place of a black bag.
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  12. I ended up ordering the black Rogue with rivets. It's been on my list. 50% off? Yes please! Very excited. I think I will finally be Rogue satisfied. :lol:
  13. You're lucky to have the Butterscotch Rogue, one of Coach's prettiest Rogues, in my opinion. The contrast in colors is so beautiful! Unfortunately, I missed out on that one. :/
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  14. I own it and is my fav next to my 1941 Red
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  15. Funny you said that. I asked about the Edie today and was told revamping with new hardware and will look different. She couldn't remember the name and I said" Are they going to call it Phoebe?" Ha ha.
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