REAL Native American Jewelry~

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  1. IMG_7375.JPG IMG_7376.JPG

    Yay! I just got my first issue of Native American Art magazine! And just in time for the special issue all about Indian Market in Santa Fe. I was afraid I'd miss this issue, which was a major reason I wanted to get the magazine. Anyway, I'll have to see if it's worthwhile.

    In other good news, SWAIA has released the list of exhibitors for Indian Market. I'm starting to get excited! I've compiled a list of booths I definitely want to check out/prioritize, including a few artists I learned about from you guys on this thread: David and Alice Lister, Cody Sanderson, and Jennifer Curtis. I love Cody Sanderson's rock 'n roll vibe; I'd love to get something of his. And Joseph D. Coriz is back, one of my favorite current artists who does awesome overlay that I posted about earlier. And I'm so so excited about the antique show and some of the other dealers that will be in town (like Browns and Mark Sublette, both of whom I also learned about on this thread). I just don't know how I'm going to balance all the things I want and not spend too much money. Things I'm especially looking for are a high quality heishe or heishe/tab necklace, a depression era kewa necklace, and a concho belt. Oh, and another older squash. Ahhh, I want it all!
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    Persian is the classical turquoise of history (mined in Iran of course)--the famed clear robin's egg blue that has always been considered valuable and beautiful. That material is free of matrix, but in NA jewelry you typically see it with pretty webbed matrix. Been used in NA jewelry for a very long time.

    The word "turquoise" for the mineral comes from "Turkish," because Turkey was where Persian turq was sold/traded to Europeans.
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  3. Wow! I have a lot to learn!
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  4. I miss going to the Indian Market so very much. I mean, we can always make a trip, but the fun part for us was that when our family was living in Santa Fe, we could be right in the thick of it all day long. The plaza was just electric! We would go for Spanish Market, too. And it was fun to watch Esteban perform in the plaza. The people were friendly and smiling and the women would be wearing their entire jewelry box just to be seen. I wanted to be one of those women every time. Now that our family moved to a different part of the country, we kind of stopped going during that time. Trying to get a room at LaFonda or anywhere on the plaza is just next to impossible during that time, unless you book almost 2 years in advance. If any of you gals go, tell me about it so I can live through you this year......:heart:
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  5. should try looking at the Inn of the Governors for some beautiful heishe or heishe/tab necklaces that are sold right off the blankets by the Native Americans. I have seen some wonderful pieces sold like that.
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  6. Not to be tedious but in case you missed seeing these, my Cody Sanderson pieces, a ring and earrings (also shown is my beloved Jennifer C cuff). I wear the heck out of these things.
  7. Yes, it is hard to get a room in Santa Fe for market. I lucked out in 2017 and got a room at a hotel just off the square that I booked a year ahead of time. This year I got a house through VRBO and didn't have to book as far in advance but it's also a little farther from the plaza. I agree about the NA vendors program at the Palace of the Governers--I will definitely be checking that out as well. Before I go I want to re-watch the beginning of Two-Lane Blacktop, a movie from 1971. It starts in Santa Fe and has a scene where you can see the Native American vendor program in the background. And it's real because they just shot on location with a low budget--cool to see it in the 70's.
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    Yes! I remember the Cody Sanderson earrings and ring, but I don't think I saw the Jennifer Curtis cuff before. I think I missed the sterling silver thread. I love it! And it goes so well with the ring. It's kind of similar to this bracelet that's on the Indian Market website as an example of Cody Sanderson's work, which I'm in love with. I need some good repousse in my life.

  9. Oh, my, my.......I am going to kick back with a glass of wine this evening and revisit everything!
  10. I got a couple of special pieces recently that I wanted to share:

    First, a vintage Alice Quam pin/pendant. I've been wanting something by her in coral and this definitely fit the bill. It's a little more than 2 inches across. I might have to purchase some new beads to properly show this one off. IMG_7443.JPG IMG_7444.JPG

    And second, a vintage Zuni squash blossom necklace. It's definitely in the Dishta style that we've discussed before, and it was represented to me as being by Frank Dishta Sr., which I have no reason to doubt. Definitely excited about these two! IMG_7445.JPG IMG_7446.JPG
  11. VERY exciting additions to your already fab collection! I so admire your collecting approach, focused as you are on the very best quality. Simply stunning, and of course fine pieces like these don't come inexpensively, but time has shown that the great things appreciate in value, often significantly and fairly quickly. You won't have to do much upgrading ever! Just look at all that lapidary work in these two Zuni masterpieces.

    You had mentioned that you have your eye on a concha belt. I thought of you when I spotted this recently. These folks are the successors to Marti Struever's site; the main owner worked with Marti for quite a while. This tasty belt is nicely scaled and by the hard-to-find Austin (Ike) Wilson:

    I'm glad to be heading to NM in just a few weeks.
  12. Sooooo beautiful! Congratulatioins on your extraordinary pUrchase, Orbit!
  13. Thanks guys! As I said I'm really excited about these ones. No, I doubt that I'll ever want to upgrade them :smile:

    Compass, did you you pick out anything fun on your recent trip?

    Jelly--it's funny that you mention that Austin Wilson belt, because I was checking out another belt by him:
    They look to be similarly sized belts and the same price. I don't know about Austin (Ike) Wilson but perhaps I will have to learn.

    I can't wait to see what you come up with on your trip!
  14. Austin Wilson was one of C. G. Wallace's smiths, very important midcentury maker, and of course the Wallace artists are among the most legendary. BTW a book you'd appreciate is Blue Gem, White Metal, about the C G Wallace jewelry and smiths. Hard to find but a nice addition.
    I'm not going with a shopping list, mostly interested in seeing who's new and exciting in the market... also will be looking at the really early stuff.
  15. OMG spectacular pieces! And I could swear I've seen that squash blossom somewhere? From where did you purchase it (if I am not being too nosy)? I am having to be very good for a long, long, while. A couple of very expensive homeowner's repairs to do....