REAL Native American Jewelry~

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  1. Gorgeous, congrats! I love that high-domed cab.
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  2. Thank you for replying! I'm learning more tonight than I've ever known with a little bit of info to go on. I think you may be correct -- stabilized Kingman seems to be what it is at least from photos I've found. I also found a photo of a ring with stabilized Kingman on an informational site that is identical to one I have as well.

    Until now, I did not know about stabilized and un-stabilized turquoise. Or what matrix is. SO interesting! I have a lot to learn!

    I will check out the Turquoise People forum, too -- thank you!
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  3. A photo of a couple of rings and a bracelet that my parents gave me when I was a teenager but purchased in the late 60's/early 70's. Arizona or New Mexico. The ring on the right is green instead of blue. Would that be turquoise or another stone?

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  4. Stunning pieces!!
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  5. Really pretty--I especially like the sandcast ring on the left. Yes, they are all turquoise. Turquoise varies a lot in color. It is the presence of copper in the stone that gives it the blue color, but some turquoise has less copper and greater amounts of zinc and iron which give it a greener hue. Also, older stones tend to turn greenish with time, due to oils from your skin, or soap, ect. getting into the stone. I think that your green stone mostly started out that color, although it may have changed some with time, and is really pretty.
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  6. GoStanford, I thought you might be interested to know that a pendant by Theresa Waseta like your ring is featured in the book "Zuni Jewelry" by Thelma and Michael Bassman.


    Also, the matching necklace and earring set by Joyce is on the Perry Null site.
  7. so is Tucson a good place for shopping for Native American jewelry? Looking for a reason to go there....never been to Tucson
  8. I've never been to Tucson so I can't really answer your question, but if you're looking for an excuse to go and you want to shop for NA jewelry go for the big gem and mineral show at the end of February. I've heard there's tons of NA jewelry there, as well as gems, beads, and all other types of jewelry. It's not just one location but takes over the whole town. It's a huge deal and sounds like so much fun; I'd love to go sometime.
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  9. that's an idea.....we're planning a road trip in November but maybe could go again in February
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  10. Hi everyone! I inherited what I *think* is Native American jewelry from my grandma when she passed last year. She had these pieces for as long as I can recall — so they are definitely vintage, I’m just not personally knowledgeable enough to confidently say they’re all authentic. I wanted to share them here — they all need a good cleaning, but I’m wary about damaging them so I’ve put it off. I hope you enjoy seeing them! Also, if you have any insight into what they are or where from, I’d be thrilled to hear it. (I’ve included the signatures/makers marks when possible.)

    5F3D0C6E-473C-48C7-A8FC-1522C795D824.jpeg ADDB2960-B1E7-4D41-9554-1447B99757EA.jpeg BCB901D4-E3B8-4898-8F05-FD0C05BD8710.jpeg 0B59485D-E930-4708-911C-329B80217F2F.jpeg 8D0B8EB0-C17C-43E5-BCA1-04878788D47F.jpeg 2A753B87-0FAD-40E0-9969-72BB2191AEE6.jpeg 2C73C1A9-8D8A-4337-A536-90BE4DAF08A8.jpeg EFCB2A07-C705-4CC1-8C48-8A412450B8D0.jpeg
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  11. Such gorgeous pieces! All I know are two I love all native american jewelry, and two.....I just know what I like, so I can't help you, but those pieces are handcrafted and are old. My only advice is to not polish them at all. The patina is what makes it so beautiful, as well as that large piece of turquoise.
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  12. These are really awesome. I don't know enough to give anything definitive. I think the cuff with the carvings look northwestern. The one with the square pendant is marked Mexico. The one with the guy climbing a rock is really cool..not certain if that’s called a Kokopelli..but its very interesting. Assuming the 1st and last are the same one? Love that one a lot. Will you please model for us?
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  13. Thank you! I’m so glad you like them, it’s fun to be able to share them. :smile: I will take your advice about cleaning, I would be horrified if I were to accidentally damage them.
  14. Of course! I’ll attach the photos below (including a necklace I forgot, which is turquoise nuggets between narrow silver tube beads). I tried to make them better quality so you can see the details, my photography skills are... not the best, ha.

    The cuff definitely stands out to me as separate in terms of style. It’s such a beautiful etching — I can definitely see the Northwestern connection in terms of the scenery, etc.

    The square one was my grandmothers favorite, she wore it nonstop. To be totally honest, I don’t know if that’s the original chain (from Mexico). It’s reversible, turquoise on one side and... some brown stones (that’s embarrassing, I just don’t know what they are) on the other.

    The first and last photos were from the same piece (the long square turquoise piece), which is beautiful.

    And I know nothing about the pendant of the man! I wish I did. Kokopelli seems like a good guess, though the pose isn’t the traditional one?

    Anyway, I’m so glad you liked them and I appreciate your response! :smile:

    60C37715-0921-4D9A-995D-F8817A6A6D1B.jpeg D24A414C-FBD5-4B19-9576-180B74D72210.jpeg EC0D01AA-F6A5-49ED-9D61-3515A3F4277C.jpeg 7FD03169-A610-40E5-945A-657D6A28B363.jpeg 626BEC08-D441-4C3B-B9F9-9AA9C76FEDFB.jpeg CE9581F7-F9E0-4B67-B4D5-2302AB19B554.jpeg 85296889-21A1-438C-9875-3EF323929616.jpeg 3C1DBDFE-84A0-4DCD-A5D4-3753BD4E3110.jpeg C11ACF7D-8461-4424-B64B-0A3545719A1F.jpeg C3E66ABF-40F5-470B-875E-D36851B86613.jpeg 166503AB-5D3D-43DF-BA3C-D022A96BAC5C.jpeg 80A213BF-B440-456A-8C03-CAA57CA9B95E.jpeg
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  15. Oh WOW!! These look even better on! I totally love that one with the long rectangular turquoise. It seems to have a squash blossom “horn” end piece. So cool. That reversible one is very unusual..coral perhaps or spiny oyster. Look at the size of that “kokopelli” guy! It really looks dramatic! Your grandma selected well! There are more knowledgeable people here who might identify style, tribe, and even age; I just enjoy looking at all the pieces everyone posts. Such a great art form. Thanks for posting the modeling shots:drinks:
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