REAL Native American Jewelry~

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  1. Why talk it when you can SHOW it :graucho:
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  2. Coral :smile:
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  3. More, this is too much fun!!
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  4. Love your vlog! Your turquoise is beautiful and it is so much more informative to see each piece on video with your description rather than a still photo.
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  5. I know I'm a tool but honestly when I see Vlogs from other members I get so much more from it and let's face it, this is the way of the future?
  6. IDK some of us are still camera shy.:blush:
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  7. I remember being terrified to upload a picture and was all thumbs towards execution? I needed all this direction and quidence...but I totally understand.
  8. Kind of random and a possibly weird comment, but I like the noises your jewelry makes when you're moving it or it's clanking against the other jewelry.
  9. Not weird at all, that aspect totally caught my attention as well, this stuff has a lot of weight. What distracted me was my Pom licking my arm, clueless at the time?
  10. Susie, loved your videos and your sense of humour and your lovely pieces of jewellery.
  11. Hi Suz great to see u here, I so love the color (I swear the denim Bal got me started)
  12. Well, I think you're great and I love your beautiful jewellery and OMG your dog makes me smile. I have a few Native American pieces of my own picked up when I was touring the US, I like the old stuff, can't trust on-line. I also like some Mexican silver and carved jewellery, much of it is so undervalued IMO.

    The reason I like pics and text is because I often have to silently enjoy myself whilst my partner is working or watching sports and because a pic/text takes secs whereas videos take much longer (and lets face it, most 'presenters' do not have your charm and are annoying)
  13. I agree on so many levels. Really a video on here should be shorter then the length I have. There are pro's and cons to both however. A small video where a subject is sporting a purse can be so helpful for a viewer's decision process. I do know when I watch a Sak's video on an item of clothing I know right away if I want that piece or not KWIM.

    Online is like anything it takes time and knowledge of the dealer. The individual I buy my old pawn pieces from is a real winner. He offers returns, no questions asked.

    I'm also lucky that I have a Native American Dealer in my community that I can glean knowledge from. Last this stuff is under valued all these carved pieces are just wearable art! Nepal necklaces are stunning too; I can't get over their small price point?
  14. Here is Mary Millicent Abigail Rogers, better known as Millicent Rogers, was a socialite, fashion icon, and art collector. She was the granddaughter of Standard Oil tycoon Henry Huttleston Rogers, and an heiress to his wealth. She has a fantastic collection of Native American Jewelry in a museum. The first pic shows how Mill looked, the other pictures depicts some of her Museum quality pieces on models that mirror Millicent's appearance.

    Millicent died in the early 50's.

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  15. Zoe Kravitz and other model shots.

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