REAL Native American Jewelry~

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  1. Yes, they really are a helpful resource! It turns out I had read some of their posts on cleaning tarnish off silver a long time ago, before I was looking specifically for information on Native American jewelry. They really seem to put a lot of time into curating the offerings on their website. The sale I mentioned above doesn't include the brand new rings, as the artists they work with set the prices on those, and Horsekeeping wants to respect the set prices, which seems like a good practice to me.
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  2. Lol...!
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  3. Too beautiful not to share. These are from the ongoing July sale on Horsekeeping's website.

    First is an inlay ring of a Zuni maiden by artist Theresa Waseta. Apparently she made several of these rings, with inlay material including turquoise, spiny oyster, jet, black onyx, and/or mother of pearl. Joyce Waseta, her daughter, continues the tradition.

    Next is an unsigned turquoise petit point ring from a large collection that the website is in the process of selling. I read their care tips and used a toothpick to clean some of the surface dirt out, followed by a dry toothbrush between the stones. IMG_7903.JPG
  4. Yes..those are some absolutely lovely pieces!
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  5. Definitely going into Garlands. :biggrin::heart: It is just up the road from where we are staying. It would be totally ridiculous not to go there, as I am in the market for a pendant and a cuff. It seems to be the real deal to go to, according to my favorite experts here, and other reviews. I was wondering if any of you were familiar with The Hope House, and what your take is on it. We want to purchase a nice piece of artwork that we can send home without bringing it home on the plane. As I mentioned, our time in Sedona is limited to just two nights...ugh...but I want to make it a successful trip! Lol...
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  6. Great. DO NOTE that Garland's has TWO separate shops, Garland's Rugs (which has a small jewelry dept.) and the mothership of Garland's Jewelry itself, in Oak Creek Canyon just a couple miles out. Be sure you get to the jewelry store, don't get confused (I only mention this because others have failed to get to the right shop). Note also that Garland's Rugs is in a building whose second floor has a shop with the very best Hopi jewelry, both contemporary and vintage, Kopavi. NOT a good website, but great things and lovely manager. It keeps odd hours, so check on that if you want to get in.

    Also in Oak Creek Canyon and frankly hard to find is the exceptional Hoel's Indian Shop, with primo things in all media.

    Artwork wise in Sedona: I've had good experiences with The Turquoise Tortoise. I bought two paintings remotely, not even while there, and they handled the transaction very well (and I was able to negotiate on price). They also have interesting modern Indian jewelry, like the Lister family pieces. Don't know Hope House.
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  7. Thank you, Jellyv! I meant the HOPI the fingers took a wrong turn and I can't correct it. Yeah...I saw that there are two Garland's, and directions could be confusing. We will take your advice and check out Oak Creek Canyon as well. I know that the majority of the items in Sedona, and especially Tlaquepaque can be marked up quite a bit, but it will be fun to shop there and look around, and then go to some specific places recommended here. We decided to take the Verde Canyon train for their 4 hour trip through the canyon and we are not leaving the station until 1pm. That will give us some time in the late afternoon to evening to shop. I can snag what calls to me in the jewelry department in heartbeat! :heart:
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  9. Just had my first morning coffee looking at this site. It would be fun to visit the trading post. That is a statement piece for sure, chessmont. I wish I could pull something like that off, myself. And while I am wishing, I wish that I could afford some of their spectacular items, too. :heart:
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  10. OMG I put in a bid for it! Call me nuts! Some of the pieces, when you click on them, give you the opportunity to place a bid. I don’t know if I want or don’t want them to accept it! I just couldn’t stop thinking about it!
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  11. I hope you get it! I love spending other people's money, lol! I am going to have to look further into that site, and you can tell me how fair you think they are.....which I am sure, they are fair. Good luck, and I am anxious to know your outcome.
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  12. Yes I did get it - if the bid is really high there is kind of a bar graph from left to right that indicates a very strong bid on the right end, back down to the left end that its a crappy offer. Some of the bids say "Possible" and to the right of that is "Serious Bid" (or something like that). I put the highest bid in that said Possible, but it it was only something like a bit more than 6% discount. hey, better than full price!

    Well as to fair, it is what it is. Who knows idf they mark up a little so to accept offers that people might think are then bargains, IDK. But overall their prices seem to correspond to the prices on Garland's
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    Congrats, this is quite the statement look and I agree, a punky AllSaints/Navajo mashup. Love it.

    The answer is that they're reputable dealers and stand behind their stuff and do represent high-end makers, historic and contemporary. When they describe the turquoise, they mean it. They're the administrators of that Turquoise People website, as you may know.

    Oh and, Garland's never discounts at all.
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  14. Such good information for everything here. Some modeling shots are in order....or even laid out in your possesion will be wonderful to look at. I am such a basic person that I can picture that necklace in a great v-necked black tank. :smile::heart::smile::heart:
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  15. Congratulations! It's the Aaron Anderson tufa cast squash blossom that you got, correct? It's truly gorgeous. Aaron Anderson is the artist that made my bracelet with the Godber's mine turquoise that I got about a month ago and posted on here. I think his work is pretty fantastic. If you search You Tube there are some videos of him demonstrating his process as he hand carves and casts silver in tufa, and talks through the process. He is known for working with good stones as well.

    Perry Null is a great trading post that's been around for generations (used to be called Tobe Turpins). They are reputable and still serve as an active trading and pawn post that is important to the NA economy. I visited when I was in Gallup previously and am very excited to go back next month. I think their prices are pretty fair. I also bought an Aaron Anderson peice online from them (eagle pendant that I posted on here before) that I "made an offer" for and they accepted. Someone on this thread did say that they had a bad experience there (unable to get a sales associate to help them) but hopefully that was just an off day.
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