REAL Native American Jewelry~

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  1. Perry Null was a no go for me. I was looking at squash blossoms and was ignored. I went over to an employee to ask for assistance and was told they were too busy with their pawn clients. I was advised they could possibly help me in a couple of hours. That was embarrassing and frustrating for me. They are off my shopping list.
    Hopefully others have had a better experience.
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  2. Oh no I am so sorry to hear this!
  3. Yes that is the one. They accepted the offer and I paid but, hmm, not is still on the site an able to be bid on or purchased. Hope it is just not updated yet.

    Yes I remember your gorgeous piece, I'm glad i Picked this it is so unique and different. My DH does not see this CC thank goodness!
  4. I went back and looked at your piece- though not as "out there" (at least to me) I feel the same "vibe" of the style. Hard to explain, but we all know "vibe" is not explainable LOL. Chunky , yet delicate and not "clunky". I certainly am no writer, nor an experienced NA jewelry critic. Like with wine, I just know what I like :P
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  5. Not a thought out outfit, it just happened to be what I was wearing as I drove down to the mailbox and ripped open the box before I continued on my way.

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  6. Any of the experts know what kind of turquoise this might be? It has almost metallic dark veins in some of it, others have a little brown. Is it Royston? Not the dark green/brown I think of, but I have also seen some light colored called Royston... I can't remember if it said in the description.
  7. Wowzer, wowzer! That is a beautiful piece! And it came so fast, too! This may be pushing it, but I would have to agree that there is Royston in that piece, especially in the naja. I hope I am right, because I would like to pat myself on the back if it was Royston...:cool: You are so lucky to come into possession of that beautiful necklace.
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    WOW. Congratulations! What a statement. As to the type of turquoise, the listing you posted states that there are several types:
    "You will find an amazing piece of Number Eight Turquoise, a couple of Arizona's legendary Kingman Turquoise stones, some Carico Lake Turquoise, Morenci and a fabulous piece of high domed Persian Turquoise that has an incredible blue with reddish brown spider web matrix. All seven pieces of hand carved tufa pieces hang on a combo silver bead and turquoise rock necklace."

    My guess is that the naja might be number 8? And Morenci probably the cross on the bottom left of the image--that's the one I feel most sure about. Maybe the Persian is the cross on the bottom right, which looks rather high domed and appears to maybe have a reddish brown matrix from the photo. Not sure which one would be the Carico Lake, in my experience that often has a slightly greenish tint. To me Kingman is kind of a catch-all, it can have so many different appearances and I'm not good at identifying it. I've been so sure that different stones I've come across were a number of varying mines only to be told by people smarter that they're all likely Kingman. Maybe jellyv can help us in identifying which is which on your necklace. All beautiful stones though.
  9. I agree with O'O that the naja stone looks like the #8, and that the cross to the left looks like it has Morenci. But that's if I'm interpreting the photo correctly, which is difficult given the lighting of the shot and without macro detail. What I'd do is ask the P Null folks to identify which stones are which. They should oblige.
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  10. Well that shows y'all what I know! - Nothing! I didn't go look at the description (lazy me)
  11. Good idea on asking Perry Null. Chessmont, let us know if you do this; I'd be curious to know which is which.
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  12. How about this: I was just browsing a chat on Turquoise People about Persian turquoise, and Jason (PN moderator) posted a pic that he says is Persian turq in a cross necklace--looks familiar!

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  13. Oh, Chessmont, this is spectacular!! What a stunning statement piece! It looks magnificent!!! I'm Jelly!!
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  14. Aww thanks, cdtracing, it is pretty cool, not as heavy as some of my other pieces but if was built heavily it would be unwearable!
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  15. interesting! I did not know there was turquoise found in Persia.