Sterling Silver Thread

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  1. Thanks! I really lucked out with that cuff when I bought it. I suspect it's quite rare as I've never seen another Pineda design like it. It's quite Wonder Woman when worn, too, which is a lot of fun!
  2. Yes. Wonder Woman analogy is a perfect description!
  3. I do have to be careful not to whack it into things (like door frames, chairs, etc.) when I wear it though!
  4. We wouldn't want you to lose your super powers! LOL;)
  5. I love Hennig Koppel's designs and also had this masterwork bracelet by him. It left my collection after several years of mostly admiring it simply because I didn't find it comfy to actually wear. I also have had clip earrings in the Amoeba design, found for $3 at a flea market. (!)

    I'm going to have to shoot my own Wonder Woman cuff for this thread. Fab pieces!
  6. ^Henning. Sorry.
  7. I find the Jensen really comfortable to wear. Lucky find on those earrings! And I'd love to see your Wonder Woman cuff!
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    I'm also a fan of Jeanine Payer. I am lucky to have some one off pieces and to have met her. I was really sad when she closed her studio.

    This piece is unusual in that it's very large, about 5x4 inches. Most of her work is much daintier. It's an onyx slab, set in sterling with a poem by Rumi.

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    Sorry for the multiple posts. Still can't upload more than one image to a single post. This is the text of the poem:

    The Seed Market

    Can you find another market like this?
    with your one rose
    you can buy hundreds of rose gardens?
    for one seed
    get a whole wilderness?
    For one weak breath,
    a divine wind?
    You've been fearful
    of being absorbed in the ground,
    or drawn up by the air.
    Now, your waterbead lets go
    and drops into the ocean,
    where it came from.
    It no longer has the form it had,
    but it's still water
    The essence is the same.
    This giving up is not a repenting.
    It's a deep honoring of yourself.
    When the ocean comes to you as a lover,
    marry at once, quickly,
    for God's sake!
    Don't postpone it!
    Existence has no better gift.
    No amount of searching
    will find this.
    A perfect falcon, for no reason
    has landed on your shoulder,
    and become yours.

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  10. Really cool and wearable too. I love Georg Jensen and don't get to see pieces that often so thanks for sharing!
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    I have about a 6- 6.25" wrist but never had much clearance when it was on me. I don't really know why.

    That Payer piece is phenomenal. So simple and powerful, and reading Rumi always opens up the mind.

    I'll get my cuff on here soon. :smile:
  12. Thank you! I love Jensen. I have this neck ring with both the rock crystal drop and a smoky topaz one. I'm a sucker for rock crystal.

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  13. This is an amazing piece mistikat! :loveeyes:
  14. OK, to join my fellow Wonder Women: My power cuff, by master Navajo silversmith Jennifer Curtis, daughter of another famous master, Thomas Curtis. Very strong repousse. Jennifer makes her own stamps from scratch, as opposed to buying those tools, as her father also did.

    When I need to feel the most powerful, I add my Cody Sanderson (Navajo) silver double star ring. Together, they make me nearly invincible. :P

    Both the cuff and the ring are 2 1/8" height.

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  15. OH, Jellyv!!! Those are AWESOME!!! I love the hand crafting work! These are truly treasures!