REAL Native American Jewelry~

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  1. CD, I sure will once I take some pics. It's a piece I wear often.
  2. My get up for Sunday's outing. I'll find any excuse to wear my NAJ...even going to Walmart and Walgreens (((truth)))

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  3. Awesome!
  4. Love your look! That coral bracelet is spectacular!! I've been wanting a coral bracelet but haven't found one that speaks to me yet.
  5. IKR

    This coral cuff was huge meant for a man's wrist. The dealer (who's connected with artisans) had the bracelet pared back so I could wear it. So keep that in mind during your search and good luck!!
  6. I love the size of yours, Susie!! I've been looking at a double row coral NA bracelet at a local store. They sell new NA jewelry they buy from contacts they have on the reservations & with NA silversmiths. They don't carry a lot of dead pawn because of the laws about having the paper trail & documentation when selling NA jewelry but they do have a few really nice pieces. I really want something larger than the 2 row. They also have a Zuni coral needlepoint bracelet that is wider but it's made for a smaller wrist. I'm drawn to it but it's way too small. They have a super large turquoise bracelet that is probably the most beautiful bracelet I've ever seen. It's definitely museum quality & it's not for sale for any price. :sad: I told them if they ever decided to sell it, I wanted the opportunity to buy it.

    I'll just keep looking for the coral bracelet that speaks to me. I know it's out there somewhere. Probably with the oversized turquoise ring I want for my index finger. LOL
  7. You and I speak the same language~
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    A couple of fun things. First the John Begay necklace, another White Hogan artist. His stamp has both a hogan and his initials. It has quite tiny handmade silver beads, giving it a delicacy you don't often see.

    Then my craaaazy bow and arrow earrings from a favorite of mine, Cody Sanderson (Navajo). They are gigantic--see the quarter scale. As you can see, the arrow was made as a separate part and then inset into the bow. I love these so much.:P

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  9. Also: great pic, Susie. You're our poster girl for maximalism!
  10. Those are absolutely marvelous pieces, Jellyv!! The Begay necklace is amazing! The silver work is beautifully done!
  11. Thanks, CD.:smile: It's fun to see everyone's things and to share with such knowledgeable and enthusiastic collectors.

    I really enjoy some of the super contemporary makers, along with the more recognizably traditional. Two of my very favorite smiths these days are Cody Sanderson and Jennifer Curtis. I have a killer Jennifer cuff that I'll share sometime...very powerful. Wonderwoman territory.:biggrin:
  12. Can't wait to see the pics!! I love Wonderwoman territory!!:biggrin:
  13. Oh my YES please share!!! Wonder Woman wear? I can relate!!
  14. These earrings are insane!! I would love to see a modeling shot to get the total perspective, wow.

  15. Lol Susie, you're right, they need a mod pic to show the fun scale properly. They aren't for the faint of heart, for sure. I'll get to it, plus my Wonderwoman cuff, before long.