Pre-Anniversary *INSTANT* Reveal & Collection Pic

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  1. Yes, it pops! Thanks!!
  2. Thanks!!:smile:

  3. Thanks! :smile:

  4. Definitely! Thanks!
  5. Happy Anniversary and congrats on your NF and collection!

  6. Hi, twin! Yes, it's huge! I actually use my Palermo GM as a diaper bag. It holds both my things & the baby's things with plenty room to spare!! Lol
  7. Omg, that is the sweetest thing ever! Those are definitely the prettiest Roses ever to be gifted and will last so much longer. He did a great job and your collection is gorgeous. Congrats and Happy Anniversary!
  8. Love the collection-gorgeous! Happy anniversary! Ours is 11/13! A special month for many of us!!!

  9. Thanks & no, I'm not on Instagram. :smile:
  10. Obviously, I don't know how to multi-quote using the iPhone app LOL... But thanks so much everyone! :smile:
  11. Happy Anniversary!! What a great story ~ I'm very impressed with your DH getting your purse authenticated!! You have a wonderful collection. :love:
  12. How thoughtful ~ beautiful Roses NF!! :loveeyes: Congrats and happy anniversary!
  13. Congrats and happy anniversary! The Roses Neverfull is gorgeous.
  14. Wow! What à collection! Your Husband did very well!

    I noticed the pochette epi in orange in the pictures. I am tempted to buy one....... Would you recommend it?