Pre-Anniversary *INSTANT* Reveal & Collection Pic

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  1. Sorry, something went wrong, didnt mean to reply to you , luv2run41........:shame:
  2. Congratulations and happy anniversary!

  3. Mine is actually the older epi pochette style in the color Mandarin (which is a discontinued color). I believe the new epi orange color is piment & yes I would recommend it. Orange is one of those colors that looks well all year round IMO. Of course in the fall you can wear it with your browns & reds. In the winter pair it with white, grey or light blue and in the spring/summer I think orange pairs nicely with pink. Purple and light denim.
  4. Aww! Congrats
  5. Congrats. I love your LV shrine! Lol
  6. Major props to your hubby!!!!! He sounds like a keeper! I love your collection? Happy anni!!
  7. Thanks everyone

  8. Happy (early) anniversary!! :smile:
  9. Happy early Anniversary :smile: Congrats on your Rose NF and your collection:smile:
  10. How lovely :smile:
  11. beautiful collection and Happy early Anniversary
  12. Very nice collection, what a sweet hubby you have, happy anniversary!
  13. Love your collection... especially the new addition! Happy Anniversary!!
  14. Congrats. Beautiful collection!
  15. What a sweet hubby!! Congrats on your gift and anniversary. Ours is 11/7. Novemeber seems to be popular.