Pre-Anniversary *INSTANT* Reveal & Collection Pic

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  1. Gorgeous! Congrats on your beautiful Roses NF!! We're bag twins :smile: beautiful collection as well.
  2. Beeautiful!!! So blessed! That Roses NF is gorgeous. Congrats!
  3. Pretty collection
  4. Very nice. Congrats
  5. a great addition to your lovely collection - congrats!
  6. I have never seen this before but it is gorg! Congrats and happy anniversary! :smile:

  7. Awesomely beautiful bag! And BONUS POINTS for your hubby taking extra steps to make the effort. That's what it's about.
  8. Love the roses bag ( and the rest of your collection.)
  9. Omg, such a beautiful limited piece, congrats! beautiful collection as well! :heart:
  10. what a great DH you have. lol mine would never join TPF to buy me a bag. congrats and happy anniversary!

  11. Thanks!! Oh yes Nov. does seem to be a popular anniversary month!! Enjoy yours!! :smile:
  12. Thanks tPF'ers for the congrats and kind words!! :smile:
  13. my wedding anniversary was in september and i received a roses nf mm and matching zippy:smile:
  14. Congrats on your roses NF. It's gorgeous.
    You have a beautiful collection!

  15. I saw your posts in the Roses club thread. Very beautiful set... I don't believe I've seen the roses zippy wallet before seeing yours. Lucky you! Happy belated anniversary!!!! :smile: