Pre-Anniversary *INSTANT* Reveal & Collection Pic

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  1. My wedding anniversary is not until next month but because I noticed that a large purchase had been made on our account & hate surprises, I forced my hubby into giving me one of my gifts early. This pre-loved beauty is no stranger around tPF....

    Miss LE Roses Neverfull MM!! Yay!!!
    I'm actually surprised & proud that my hubby was able to purchase this on his own. He even got a tPF account and had it authenticated here! here! I was soooooo worried when I saw that he had made a handbag purchase from somewhere other than the LV boutique. But he did well I think (even I was sticker shocked @ the resale price he paid) because the bag is in great pre-loved condition. Here's a pic of the yummy "bubblegum" pink intiointerior:
  2. My collection is growing quite nicely. Here's a family pic:

    Some close-ups:
  3. Congrats on the roses NF, it is so pretty and it was so sweet of your husband to do that for you....LVoe your collection, my fav is the Olympe!
  4. Great collection!! Happy early anniversary!! My date is Nov. 17th!
  5. What a sweet smart hubby! And the NF is so pretty!
  6. He's a keeper! Sweet gift! Happy Anniversary!
  7. What a great collection! Congrats and happy anniversary! We are bag twins in your Palermo bag.. Don't you find it uncomfortable wearing because its huge ?(IMO) but I like the style...
  8. Looks great !
  9. Congrats and I love your collection :smile:
  10. Are you on instagram?

  11. Thanks!

  12. Thanks! The Olympe & matching wallet are my favs and what started my LVoe!!

  13. Happy early anniversary to you too! Ours is 11/14. Thanks!