Post your Chanel family portrait...

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  1. @essiedub Thanks :smile: I recently started my collection after realizing that I am a collector not a seller haha. However, I had to stop myself because it is addictive and I love finding a good deal. I like the black lizard skin one the most because even though it's made out of an exotic material, it is still understated. I also like the red one because of the chain, which still looks great even though it was made 20+ yrs ago. I was a little anxious because I haven't seen any other bags with this chain, so I was wondering if the owner altered it/personalized it and it wasn't original. However, I eventually found a black version of same type of bag, but it had a different chain that was also multi-strand.

    Sure, I'll definitely post this on the vintage page as well as the inside of the red bag.
  2. I just jumped on the "Chanel" train lately, so I still have a long list to go through. All the basics first and than see how my addiction, and my CC will take me :biggrin: lol. I'll def share my journey with all of you. Let's first hope that Customs will release my baby as I've been waiting for it for quite some time now. Any experiences with the Belgian Customs Elsbeth? I'll start a "Belgian TPF'er Thread" so it's easier to find such info back and share "Country specific info/intel)" :smile:
    Have a lovely Sunday
  3. Ooooo, bag at custums? Did the package say Chanel? In that case they will probably sent it to France first for authentification. This can take some time (months). If France say it's a fake I think it will be destroyed as the bag will be labeled 'counterfeit '. Hope all works out!
  4. a fellow SLG addict like me!!! :drinks: love your collection calflu! i'm still missing a camellia print one, a 1/2 zip and a zippy coin purse in my collection. it seems like it's never-ending though. i keep seeing little gems i want!! LOL

    beautiful family!!

    yay! fellow lambskin lover here. :love:
  5. Wow, that's a big cooperative effort between the 2 countries. Who in France does the authentication..someone in customs? And if deemed counterfeit (not saying it is) do they notify and show the destroyed bag? What if someone just says it is counterfeit, says it has been destroyed, but then just keeps it? :annoyed:
    rosysLuxuryCloset...sending you good vibes. Hope to see you post your bag soon:smile:

  6. Hello ladies, I don't know if the package says chanel bag, this is the first time I order a bag online. I do hope it's not a fake as I purchased it from Lollipuff (the CEO of it is Bebefuzz who is a respectable member on TPF) they scan all items before listing and they guarantee authenticity as well as they offer authentication service. I wanted to wait till the bag is here before requesting an authentication from the lovely Roku but customs may take forever so I just sent a request to her. I didn't know that the Belgian customs will ship every chanel bag entering the country to France:shocked:. Are you sure about that? As Essiedub said, that' a huge amount of effort to inspect a vintage bag and if they claim it's a fake and I never get it, I'll just ask for my money back from the seller. or Paypal eventually. Thanks @essiedub for the good vibes, this bag will be my first chanel and it means a lot to me :heart::smile:. Will def keep you updated. Are you also from Be if I may ask?
  7. Hi Rosy, by no means did I want to scare you, but this is what happened to someone I know. Her package said Chanel on the label so customs send it to Chanel in France to get it authenticated (I guess that they don't feel comfortable doing this themselves?).
    Apparently the word Chanel on a package can work as a red flag @ customs (this does not mean some packages don't just pass, I find that getting something cleared through customs is sometimes a hit or miss process). Her bag was found authentic and so she got her bag, but with a big time delay. I'm not sure what they would have done if they thought it was a fake, but I can't imagine they would just send the bag to the buyer (as copies are illegal). Again chances are you do not have to deal with this, but there is this as a possibility.

    As stated before, I hope all works out for you!!
  8. Hi rosy, no I'm not from Belgium. I'm from the USA, California. I learn so much on these threads...never knew about these customs regulations that were discussing. I also learned that duty is very high in the Netherlands to the point where people think twice before purchasing . Anyway, I see you're relatively new here...welcome! Hope to see your bag soon:smile:
  9. My Chanel family
  10. My small but growing family ...

    Chanel Jumbo Black Caviar with GHW
    Chanel Medium Black Caviar with SHW
    Chanel WOC Black Caviar with GHW
    Chanel Timeless Clutch Black Caviar with SHW
  11. Great classics, a lovely collection!
  12. Wow, a large and diverse collection. Love the Coco. Enjoy!
  13. Beautiful selection Ice24!!

    I'm loving the black theme!!
  14. Short of classic flap into the collection
  15. Thank you!