Post your Chanel family portrait...

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  1. Beautiful family!
  2. literally wow-ed out loud :nuts: -- gorgeous family!
  3. Very nice !
  4. enviable collection, for sure!
  5. My collection is complete with my new coco handle yay! Sorry some lv's in there.
    Can you tell I love flaps with front locks and crossbody straps?
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  6. I spy the trendy cc bowling! Hows the bag may I ask? Is it too short for crossbody? Is it good for a daily work bag? Sorry for bombarding you but i havent seen anyone do a reveal for the bag!
  7. Beautiful family!!
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  8. IMG_1470889434.289094.jpg
    my mini Chanel collection, hope to be able to add some chevron and slgs in the future
  9. My chanel collection hoping to add black m/l silver hardware
  10. My mini family! IMG_1470955708.083995.jpg
  11. IMG_1471093195.943872.jpg

    My family portrait... Yes I know I love black!!
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    The motto of my Chanel family... NO CLASSICS HERE! lol!
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    So these are just my boys! missing are the Trendy CC triplets and the Pagoda twins and the Antica. The blue is enroute from the adoption agency AKA Neimans.

    image.jpeg image.jpeg
  14. Here is an updated portrait of my Chanel family. Obviously in dire need of color. Hahaha! The Red Boy is the star, for sure :smile: Thanks for letting me share. 13987158_10155111777363294_498452375_o.jpg
  15. image.jpeg It's just a little square mini collection! I love them worn cross body! I just let my navy caviar square mini go as I think I've just become more of a lambskin lover! Have my heart set on a baby pink and a light beige to finish this collection but these seem to be impossible to find!
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