Post your Chanel family portrait...

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  1. Thanks!
  2. Hi everyone!
    I finally had a chance to take a pic of my Chanel family. I mainly collect classics, with the exception of the vintage Kelly. :smile:

    Black Vintage Jumbo XL lambskin ghw
    Black Jumbo caviar ghw
    Black Reissue 226 with ghw
    Red Square Mini caviar shw
    Blue Rectangular Mini lambskin light ghw
    And Vintage Kelly caviar ghw
    Thank you for letting me share!


  3. Your collection is so beautiful.... I think I just died. Haha. What size is the shrimp colored boy?!
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  4. Love your family, especially the reissue. Thinking of adding one to my family but still deciding on SHW or GHW but distress calfskin for sure.
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    The color is called dark beige the lighting is horrible in the pic but it's in new medium.
  6. Here's my small Chanel bag collection. I usually pick colors other than black in other brands so I'm not sure how I ended up with mostly black Chanel bags. My least used bag is the WOC d/t its size but I love the Camellia so much I can't let it go. Someday, I'd love to add a reissue in aged calfskin/RHW in perfect purple color!
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  7. Thank you, dear!
    I love the reissue. It's my most used bag :smile:
    I'm a ghw girl so i'll definitely vote for ghw :biggrin:
  8. Oops, not sure why photo didn't show with my last post. Here goes....

  9. image.jpeg My Chanel family, all happy together
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  10. Wow!! That's a big family!
  11. :heart::heart::heart: your family!
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  12. Gorgeous collection:smile:
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  13. This thread is heaven

    Here is my small but lovely collection IMG_1470141718.157957.jpg
    In order of purchase:

    Sunglasses black/gold (purchased last year)

    WOC black caviar ghw (purchased preloved last year, bag was made year 13/14)

    M/L classic flap black caviar ghw (purchased this February from Bond St)

    Card holder black lambskin (purchased in July from Bond St)

    I never knew how much I loved black and gold until I stumbled across Chanel but I think my next purchase will have to be a pop of colour. Currently on ban island for the foreseeable future .
  14. Beautiful collection
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