Pochette Metis -- Are the problems solved?!

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  1. If you are waiting for all issues with the PM to be resolved you are probably waiting forever ;). I guess you either have to take the plunge and hope for the best or you buy a similar bag with less issues instead.
    I got the Reverse PM and hardly ever wear it because I am horrified of all the stories I have read. It looks completely fine, but what if... I don´t have a lot of faith in the customer service here. Wish I would have chosen another more worry-free bag :rolleyes:.
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  2. this happened with my palm springs mini. im waiting on a new one to come in so we can get it exchanged :sad:
  3. When it comes to repairs,i suggest you inspect your items CLOSELY before taking them home from THIS STORE as they don’t seem to look at the items when it comes back. I did a repair and it took 2 tries and months until finally they credited me for the item because they damaged it. Go to another LV on Bloor- Holts, if you are not happy with their response. If you haven’t dropped ur bag off yet, take before pics of ur entire bag.
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  4. I took the bag home with me...
    they took pictures and are contacting California to have them decide on next steps
    I live halfway between Toronto and the store in Troy
  5. Which location did you move to then? I mostly deal with Yorkdale and my only issue has been a crooked PM; they replaced it immediately and told me the first one was deemed defective and destroyed.
  6. 25th week 2017
  7. I went to Saks after to make a purchase but didn't bother taking the PM in with me because I figured they had already escalated my complaint to California. I can try Yorkdale or Michigan at a later point if nothing gets resolved.
  8. LV will eventually do right by you... it’s just the hoops you have to jump through to get it done. Misinformed SA’s and Mgr’s too quick to dismiss ur concerns making you have to stand ur ground and insist they do their jobs (send in for evaluation and trust they do) or go to another location that is more customer oriented and willing to listen and address ur concerns is tiring. They do stand by their brand (after care is exceptional) and that’s why I stick with them, but the misinformation and dismissive attitudes of some stores is frustrating.
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  9. Good luck. If they say wear and tear, move on from them. Try Holts LV on Bloor down the road.
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  10. i'm at yorkdale now as well. they're fantastic, haven't given me any issues yet. the bloor store is an absolute nightmare
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  11. My Pochette Metis was made late 2018 and I noticed the other day when I looked down while wearing it crossbody and noticed the hardware doesn't touch the glazing anymore, the middle pocket sticks out more at the sides so the clasp to the strap touches that instead. My older PM used to rub on the glazing so they definitely have done something to prevent the rubbing on the glazing
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  12. Is this for just the monogram? I checked my empreinte made june 2018 it still rubs worn crossbody. Have you had any issues with your empreinte?
  13. My Reverse Mono PM made 51st week of 18 had the peeling canvas...I just sent it back and they are exchanging it for a new one. Hopefully no issues this time.... Ahhhhh - I LOVE this bag. I was so incredibly disappointed when this happened as I had heard about peeling canvas but never actually experienced it.
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  14. ohh, I don't have the empreinte PM anymore. A friend bought it from me as I prefer the classic looking momo canvas version
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  15. Thanks for the reply![emoji4]
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