Pochette Metis -- Are the problems solved?!

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  1. I've continued to purchase bags while I've waited for LV to work out the issues with the PM. Are we there yet?! In the PM clubhouse, it seems like it's all over the map. I just can't move past my desire for this bag, but have read comments here suggesting that the issues with the PM will never be solved due to the design of the bag. Thoughts, feedback? Fabuleux?:biggrin:
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  2. I just got my replacement last month it seems [emoji1305]to me
  3. I have 2, no issues here.
  4. Wonderful, thank you. Maybe I should just take the plunge and see what happens!
  5. I've been trying to buy a reverse mono for a couple months and my SA insists that I shouldn't because of the issues. Every time she gets one in she mentions it to me, but begs me not to buy it because they keep coming back, so I'd say it's not fixed.
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  6. How can it be fixed? Sure the older ones with the defective "melting" glazing that have been recalled, but the bag has a design flaw. The clasps rub against the side glazing by the flap, and can cause cracking. I haven't had any trouble with mine, but it's still a maybe it will maybe it won't situation because of this. I figure if anything happens LV is quite aware of this I will bring it back. I understand why some people just don't want to have to deal with the potential problems.
  7. This is what I was wondering about. I have seen other comments alluding to a design flaw, but wasn't sure what it was. Thank you!
  8. The manager at the Toronto Bloor store said she had never heard of issues when I took my peeling bag in today. She also said that glazing was only for appearance sake and told me there was nothing wrong with my bag - but she would escalate my concerns to California customer service. Ugh.
  9. I love mine, but trust LV will take care of any potential or future issues. I have bought enough from LV that I expect good CS on backend. After all, they took back my 5 yo Soft Lockit for glazing issues.
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    she's absolutely useless. i've raised concerns about some of my bags before and she would run around in circles giving me excuses. stopped dealing with that store and found a new location to have my concerns dealt with. that store has a tough time admitting issues with peeling canvas and the glazing is not just for apperance, it im almost certain it holds two canvas pieces together.
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  11. :doh:My canvas is peeling on my Reverse Mono PM.... less than a month old...even though there are issues, I am still hoping I can get another one. I bought it when it first came out - - but then sold it soon after because I had heard of all the issues. After waiting a few years, I decided to try again when I had the chance to buy one. I did purchase one about a month ago... the date code is SD5118 though and I bought it in March....so I am thinking it was a return? Not sure...regardless, peeling canvas is unacceptable and I either want a credit or a replacement bag. We will see what happens....
  12. i had peeling on one of my bags too and it was literally two and a half months old. she insisted that it was wear and tear, i'm like this is impossible. i had worn it 6 times at the time and i baby the bag so much. she agreed to get it looked at, but i don't believe she did, and few days later was like it's wear and tear. went to a different location and they deemed it defective! i hate that store so much, the service is poor. best of luck with you pochette, such a pretty bag with so many issues :sad:
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  13. From
    What from year is your Métis!
  14. Holy moly - I hope it does not take that long to get resolved...but I know different SA's so I will keep trying for as long as I need to. Thanks for the encouragement. Did you end up getting another PM or did you go with a different bag?
  15. This is kind of what I'm thinking. I'm no VIP, but I have spend thousands of dollars with LV over the past 7 years.:shocked: My CS expectations definitely reflect that.