Pochette Metis -- Are the problems solved?!

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  1. Check the sides of the canvas bags where the sides fold, so many if not all eventually seem to crack in the canvas :sad:
    A few of my friends all have that issue and they do not use the bag that much.
    I sold mine before it could happen
  2. Does this also happen with the leather version or just the canvas version?
  3. I’m not sure none of us have had the leather ones. But maybe because of the stress on that area. She bought hers after mine and this is what is was doing....
    LV hasn’t decided what they will do yet
  4. Any update? I just took mine in and its going to be sent out for a repair analysis
  5. I had an emperient 2017 and it cracked and I did not use it daily. I would avoid this bag all together!! To many headaches
  6. Huh you mean the leather cracked ????
  7. Yes my leather cracked at the flap on both sides
  8. Interesting. I didn't know leather would crack that easily :P
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