Please help Identify this Handbag!

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  1. Sorry one more. It was on the episode Twelve Seconds on A Million Little Things carries by Ashley. It’s a black tote with scalloped edging. Thanks! IMG_4775.JPG
  2. duplicate post.

  3. This one?

    If you aren't already doing so, maybe set up an alert on eBay so you'll be notified of it being for sale?
    I'd also scour eBay, Tradesy, Poshmark, Thredup, and other similar type resale e-shops.
    Good luck, hope you find it eventually.
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  5. My friend has a similar one from Kate Spade, purchased in summer 2017
  6. Thanks, I’ll check it out. I know they had one with large scallops but perhaps I missed this one!

  7. Please
  8. Can anyone please help me identify this handbag it has a red leather inside and says made in Paris.
    B12BC38F-66DA-47F0-904F-079ECD0F55E6.jpeg 478A898D-F42E-41C1-A0B2-4A6C08AB16D3.jpeg
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  9. April in Paris!!! Found it!!
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  10. Hello Identifiers!
    Can you tell me the name of this Michael Kors? Thank you in advance! bag1.jpg bag1.jpg bag2.jpg
  11. I am de cluttering and have come across some old purses of my grandmothers.
    She loved to buy purses from Holt Renfew in Canada in the 50's and 60's.

    I have found some lovely purses, but this one in particular, I cannot figure out the name brand? Do you recognize it from the logo inside the purse? If so, please let me know what it is.

    Thank you for your time
  12. Hello! I saw this photo today on Everlane’s Instagram stories and love this woman’s duffle purse. Any idea of who makes it? thanks!
  13. 08E29FD7-26BA-4BC0-A0F3-B7A2F4664BEA.jpeg 82678A5C-E046-4D75-9764-7C04BAFD0A44.jpeg Hi, first time here. My mom had an amazing collection of bags and I’m starting to sell them on eBay. She loved quality and there’s an assortment of heavy hitters (like Bottega Veneta) and unique artisan stuff. I found this one and don’t know anything about it. Inside is silk and feels like leather; I’m not sure what the outside is. Bag would’ve been from the late 1980s or before. Anyone want to take a stab?
    82B1D69B-2471-43B3-BAB4-C769379E91E0.jpeg EBD8155F-BDD8-4915-8342-09DA50918FBE.jpeg